Let It Happen

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Let It Happen
Compilation album by MxPx
Released November 10, 1998 (1998-11-10)
Genre Punk rock
Length 71:44
Label Tooth & Nail
Producer Steve Kravac, Bob Moon
MxPx chronology
Slowly Going the Way of the Buffalo
Let It Happen
At the Show
Deluxe edition re-release cover
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 3/5 stars link
HM (not rated)link[1]
NeuFutur 7/10 stars link

Let It Happen is a B-sides and rarities album released in 1998 by the band MxPx on Tooth and Nail Records. The songs on this compilation originally appeared on the 17 7", Punk Rawk Show 7", Small Town Minds 7", North American Punk Series Vol. 4 split 7" with the McCrackins, I'm Your Biggest Fan vol. 1 compilation, On the Cover double 10", Teenage Politics LP 12", Move to Bremerton EP, and Life In General Pre-Release Teaser. Four of the songs had not been previously released: "Important Enough Not to Mention," "Honest Answers," "Late Last Night," "Biased Bigotry." The sound clip at the beginning of this version of "Chick Magnet" is from the film Mallrats. The songs were all originally produced by either Steve Kravac, Bob Moon, or Aaron Sprinkle, and Steve Kravac contributed remixes for many of the tracks for the album.

In November 2006, a deluxe edition was released. The deluxe edition included six different tracks, with three new songs produced by Aaron Sprinkle, and also three original demos of songs that were re-recorded for the first album, Pokinatcha. To make room, the final six songs from the original Let It Happen were taken off. The deluxe edition also includes a DVD with twelve music videos.

Track listings[edit]

Except for song no. 4 and 5, all songs written by Mike Herrera.

Original Release[edit]

  1. "Never Learn"
  2. "Begin to Start"
  3. "Swing Set Girl"
  4. "Sick Boy" (Social Distortion Cover)
  5. "Oh Donna" (Ritchie Valens Cover)
  6. "Small Town Minds"
  7. "First Class Mail"
  8. "Can't See Not Saying"
  9. "GSF"
  10. "Thoughts and Ideas"
  11. "Easier Said than Done"
  12. "Rock and Roll Girl"
  13. "Important Enough to Mention"
  14. "Elvis is Dead"
  15. "Lifetime Enlightenment"
  16. "Let it Happen"
  17. "Hot and Cold"
  18. "So Kill Me"
  19. "Suggestion Box"
  20. "Creation"
  21. "Want Ad"
  22. "Honest Answers"
  23. "Late Last Night"
  24. "Biased Bigotry"
  25. "Circumstance"
  26. "Do Your Feet Hurt?" (Critter Version)
  27. "Move to Bremerton" (Extended Version)
  28. "Chick Magnet" (Demo Version)
  29. "Sorry So Sorry" (Demo Version)
  30. "Christalena" (Demo Version)
  31. "South Bound" (Demo Version)
  32. "Life in General" (Demo Version)

Deluxe Edition[edit]


  1. "Role Remodeling" (New)
  2. "Prozac" (New)
  3. "Your Turn" (New)
  4. "Never Learn"
  5. "Begin to Start"
  6. "Swing Set Girl"
  7. "Sick Boy"
  8. "Oh Donna"
  9. "Small Town Minds"
  10. "First Class Mail"
  11. "Can't See Not Saying"
  12. "GSF"
  13. "Thoughts and Ideas"
  14. "Easier Said than Done"
  15. "Rock and Roll Girl"
  16. "Important Enough to Mention"
  17. "Elvis is Dead"
  18. "Lifetime Enlightenment"
  19. "Let it Happen"
  20. "Hot and Cold"
  21. "So Kill Me"
  22. "Suggestion Box"
  23. "Creation"
  24. "Want Ad" (Alternate Version)
  25. "Honest Answers"
  26. "Late Last Night"
  27. "Biased Bigotry"
  28. "Circumstance"
  29. "Do Your Feet Hurt?" (Critter Version)
  30. "Twisted Words" (Original Demo)
  31. "Suggestion Box" (Original Demo)
  32. "Too Much Thinking" (Original Demo)


  1. "Money Tree"
  2. "Doing Time"
  3. "Move to Bremerton"
  4. "Chick Magnet"
  5. "Punk Rawk Show"
  6. "Want Ad"
  7. "Teenage Politics"
  8. "Responsibility"
  9. "I'm OK, You're OK"
  10. "Heard That Sound"
  11. "Wrecking Hotel Rooms"
  12. "Grey Skies Turn Blue"


  • Mike Herrera - bass, vocals
  • Tom Wisniewski - guitars
  • Yuri Ruley - drums


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