Let Me Be There (album)

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Let Me Be There
Studio album by Olivia Newton-John
Released 1973
Genre Pop, country
Label Festival Records
Olivia Newton-John chronology
Let Me Be There
Long Live Love

Let Me Be There is a 1973 album by Olivia Newton-John. It consisted of her performances of a collection of 11 cover songs, plus Let Me Be There, a new song first recorded by Newton-John herself. Outside the United States, it was called Music Makes My Day and it was published in the United Kingdom by Pye International, with some different songs, including the noted song Music Makes My Day a non-U.S. release. It was produced by Bruce Welch, John Farrar and Alan Hawkshaw.


The American publication of this 1973 album by MCA Records used the cover art from Olivia's 1972 LP record "Olivia" which was not released by MCA. Some of its songs were taken for the U.S. publication, such as song titles from the British publications of the albums If Not for You and Olivia.

Though the title song was a commercial failure in England, it was Olivia Newton-John's first American Top Ten hit, successfully boosting her singing career in North America. She had previously charted in the Billboard Top 40 with the song If Not For You.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Take Me Home, Country Roads" (Danoff, Nivert)
  2. "Amoureuse" (Sanson, Osborne)
  3. "Brotherly Love" (John Farrar)
  4. "Heartbreaker" (Russ Ballard)
  5. "Rosewater" (Olivia Newton-John)
  6. "You Ain't Got The Right" (Locorriere, Sawyer, Haffkine)
  7. "Feeling Best" (Glen Shorrock)
  8. "Being On The Losing End" (Groszmann, Jones)
  9. "Let Me Be There" (John Rostill)
  10. "Music Makes My Day" (John Farrar)
  11. "Leaving" (Flett, Fletcher)
  12. "If We Try" (Don McLean)

In the United States, the album was released with artwork from her 1972 "Olivia" album and some different songs from this and some earlier Newton-John albums:

  1. "Let Me Be There" (No. 6 Pop, No. 7 Country, No. 3 Adult Contemporary)
  2. "Me and Bobby McGee" (from If Not For You album)
  3. "Banks of the Ohio" (No. 94 Pop, No. 34 AC from If Not For You album)
  4. "Love Song" (from If Not For You album)
  5. "If Not for You" (No. 25 Pop, No. 1 AC from If Not For You album)
  6. "Take Me Home, Country Roads" (No. 119 Pop)
  7. "Angel of the Morning" (from Olivia album)
  8. "If You Could Read My Mind" (from If Not For You album)
  9. "Help Me Make It Through the Night" (from If Not For You album)
  10. "Just a Little Too Much" (from Olivia album)


This album was published to capitalize on the success of its title track - that had earned Newton-John a Grammy for Best Country Female. The album was certified Gold in 1974,[1] and it peaked at No. 54 on the Pop charts and at No. 1 (for two weeks) on the Country charts.