Let There Be Country

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Let There Be Country
Studio album by Marty Stuart
Released August 1992
Recorded 1988
Genre Country
Language English
Label Columbia
Marty Stuart chronology
This One's Gonna Hurt You
Let There Be Country
Love and Luck

Let There Be Country is an album by country singer Marty Stuart. Although it was Stuart's eighth studio album to be released, it was actually the fourth album he recorded (the album was cut between Marty Stuart and Hillbilly Rock).

Let There Be Country was recorded in 1988, but Columbia Records refused to release it. When Stuart later gained a larger following and became increasingly popular after the releases of Hillbilly Rock and Tempted under MCA Records, Columbia then saw fit to release this album in 1992.

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. "Let There Be Country"   Marty Stuart  
2. "Mirrors Don't Lie"   Merle Haggard  
3. "Matches"   Keith Stegall, Charlie Craig  
4. "Last Train Done Gone Down"   Peter Rowan  
5. "Be Careful Who You Love (Arthur's Song)"   Harlan Howard  
6. "Old Hat"   Marty Stuart  
7. "Get Down on Your Knees And Pray"   Bill Monroe  
8. "I'm a One-Woman Man"   Tillman Franks, Johnny Horton  
9. "Stone Blind"   Max D. Barnes  
10. "I'll Love You Forever (If I Want To)"   Harlan Howard, Max D. Barnes