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Levelup logo.png
Type Private
Headquarters Boston, Massachusetts, United States
Area served Worldwide
Founder(s) Seth Priebatsch
Employees 80
Website TheLevelUp.com
Type of site Mobile Payments
Registration Required
Available in English
Launched March 2011
Current status Active

LevelUp is an American mobile payments platform created by Cambridge, Massachusetts-based start-up SCVNGR. The LevelUp mobile application uses QR code technology to allow for mobile transactions to be made at local businesses via iPhone and Android phone.[1]


LevelUp was initially launched in March 2011 and operated for its first 3 months as a daily deals platform.[2] In July 2011, LevelUp shifted away from the daily deal space to focus exclusively on their mobile payments solution.[3]

How it works[edit]

The LevelUp mobile application for iPhone and Android allows registered users to securely link their debit or credit card to a unique QR code displayed within the app. To pay with LevelUp, users scan the QR code on their phone at LevelUp terminals located at local businesses who accept LevelUp as a form of payment.

Many merchants that accept LevelUp as a form of payment also offer monetary savings to users. Users are given “First-Time Visit Specials” the first time they make a transaction at the merchant's location. Users can also unlock “credit” to a merchant’s store after spending a certain amount at the merchant’s location.[1]

Currently LevelUp is available at businesses in the Boston, Chicago, Philadelphia, St. Louis, New York City, Atlanta, San Francisco and Seattle areas.[4]


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