Levi Chavez

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Levi Chavez
Occupation Former police officer
Known for High profile murder case

Levi Chavez is a former Albuquerque, NM Police Officer who was charged with the 2007 death of his wife, Tera Chavez. In August 2013, Chavez was acquitted of the murder charges.[1] Levi was initially charged with murdering his wife with his police issued Glock and making it appear as a suicide. The case made national headlines in 2013 as more details about the case, and also Levi Chavez' personal life came to light.

In December 2013 it was made public that Chavez had relinquished his police officer certification.[2]

Death of his wife[edit]

The night prior to the death of his wife Tera, Levi had spent the night at his current girlfriend's house. The morning of 22 October 2007, he returned to the couple's home in Los Lunas, NM where he discovered the body of his wife. Valencia County sheriff's initially ruled the death as a suicide due to the "close proximity of the gun to the body" but later expanded the investigation to rule out any other possible causes of death. Levi Chavez was subsequently placed on administrative leave by the Albuquerque Police Department.[3] As of May 2008, investigators ruled out suicide as a possible means of death and had listed Chavez as a person of interest in their now homicide investigation.[4]

Personal life[edit]

As the murder case gained more attention from the media and public, Chavez and the Albuquerque Police Department became the targets of heavy scrutiny. Through witness testimony, the public learned that Chavez had been having a number of affairs while married to Tera Chavez. Some of the affairs were with fellow female APD officers.[5]


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