Levi van Veluw

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Levi van Veluw
Born 1985 (age 29–30)
Hoevelaken, Netherlands
Nationality Dutch
Education Artez Institute of the Arts
Known for Performance art, photography

Levi van Veluw (born 1985 in Hoevelaken) is a Dutch contemporary artist. He currently lives and works in Arnhem.[1][2][3]

Early life and education[edit]

He was born in Hoevelaken, Gelderland, and later studied at the Artez Institute of the Arts, located in Arnhem, Gelderland.


Levi van Veluw's photo series are self-portraits, drawn and photographed by himself: a one-man-process. His works constitute elemental transfers; modifying the face as object; combining it with other stylistic elements to create a third visual object of great visual impact. van Veluw is represented by Ron Mandos Gallery in Amsterdam


Van Veluw has taught in the photography department at the Willem de Kooning Academy, located in Rotterdam, South Holland.

His work has been shown internationally, including the 2010 exhibition Dead or Alive in the American Museum of Arts and Design, located in New York City, New York;[4] and in 2011 at the Israeli Beit Ha'ir Tel Aviv Museum,[5] located in Tel Aviv. His work has also been exhibited at the Australian Museum of Old and New Art, located in Hobart, Tasmania, Centre of Contemporary Art, Torun, Poland.[6]


Van Veluw is the recipient of the Photographer of the Year Award at the IPA International Photo Awards in the U.S.,.[7][8] as well as the winner of the Epson Photo Art Award for best selected work in Germany.

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