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Origin Los Angeles, California
Genres Electronic, indie
Years active 2002–present
Website www.levinhurst.com
Members Cindy Levinson
Lol Tolhurst
Eric Bradley
Michael Dempsey
Past members Dayton Borders

Levinhurst is an independent music band formed by Lol Tolhurst, a founding member of The Cure, and his wife Cindy Levinson. Levinson provides vocals while Tolhurst writes the majority of the tracks, musically and lyrically, and programmes the drums and keyboards. So far, Levinhurst has released three studio albums - Perfect Life, House by the Sea, and Blue Star, and one EP called The Grey. The Grey includes a cover of The Cure song "All Cats Are Grey", a song for which Tolhurst claims to have written the lyrics.[1]


The band was formed in the early 2000s by Lol Tolhurst, a founding member of The Cure and his wife Cindy Levinson. Their debut album, Perfect Life, was released in March 2004. This was followed in February 2007 by an EP called The Grey. Their second album, House by the Sea, was released in April 2007.

The band's third album, Blue Star was released in 2010. It features Tolhurst and Levinson, plus other musicians including Michael Dempsey, the original bassist with The Cure. An international tour took place in 2010, promoting Blue Star.

Members and discography[edit]

Dates & recordings Members & prominent instruments Notes
Perfect Life
The Grey and
House by the Sea
Gray Tolhurst plays additional guitar on the title track off House by the Sea
Blue Star


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