Levitate (Bruce Hornsby album)

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Studio album by Bruce Hornsby
Released September 15, 2009
Genre Rock
Label Verve Records
Bruce Hornsby chronology
Camp Meeting
Bride of the Noisemakers
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 3.5/5 stars[1]

Levitate is the tenth studio album by Bruce Hornsby. It was Hornsby's third studio album with his touring band, Bruce Hornsby and the Noisemakers, and was his first release with Verve Records.

Somewhat a musical departure for Hornsby and the Noisemakers, Levitate features no piano solos. Many of the songs also feature lyrical motifs of science and nature.

The title track was used in Spike Lee's documentary Kobe Doin' Work. Invisible was featured in the Bobcat Goldthwait movie World's Greatest Dad, in which Hornsby also made a cameo appearance as himself.

Much like the 2004 release Halcyon Days, Levitate features guest artists and those close to Hornsby, most notably Eric Clapton, Hornsby's twin sons Russell and Keith, Grateful Dead lyricist Robert Hunter, and Hornsby's nephew R.S. Hornsby, who was killed in a car accident less than a week after recording a memorable guitar solo on "Continents Drift." The album has been dedicated to his memory.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "The Black Rats of London" (B.R. Hornsby)
  2. "Prairie Dog Town" (B.R. Hornsby, Pharrell Williams, Calvin Broadus, Chad Hugo)
  3. "Cyclone" (B.R. Hornsby, Robert Hunter)
  4. "Continents Drift" (B.R. Hornsby, Chip DeMatteo)
  5. "Paperboy" (B.R. Hornsby, Chip DeMatteo)
  6. "Invisible" (B.R. Hornsby)
  7. "Levitate" (B.R. Hornsby, Thomas Newman (Score from The Shawshank Redemption))
  8. "Here We Are Again" (B.R. Hornsby, Chip DeMatteo)
  9. "Space is the Place" (Sonny Emory, J.V. Collier, B.R. Hornsby)
  10. "Michael Raphael" (B.R. Hornsby, Chip DeMatteo)
  11. "Simple Prayer" (B.R. Hornsby, Chip DeMatteo)
  12. "In The Low Country" (B.R. Hornsby)
  13. "I Truly Understand" - Bonus Track (B.R. Hornsby)


  • Bruce Hornsby - Piano, Lead Vocals, Dulcimer, Accordion
  • J.V. Collier - Bass
  • Sonny Emory - Drums, Samples
  • John "J.T." Thomas - Keyboards, Organ, Vocals
  • Bobby Read - Saxophone, Clarinet
  • Doug Derryberry - Guitar, Vocals
  • Eric Clapton - Guitar on "Space is the Place"
  • R.S. Hornsby - Guitar on "Continents Drift"
  • Andy Leftwitch - Fiddle on "The Black Rats of London"
  • 12 year old Keith and Russell Hornsby - Vocals & rap on "Space is the Place"