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Levittown Union Free School District (LUFSD) is a school district in central Nassau County on Long Island, approximately ten miles east of New York City. The district approximately 5.5 square miles (14 km2) includes parts of the following hamlets; Levittown, North Wantagh, and Seaford. Currently, there are six elementary schools (K-5), two middle schools (6-8), two high schools (9-12) and one career & technical center. The school District sits on over 200 acres (0.81 km2) of property, and its facilities occupy over 1,500,000 square feet (140,000 m2). The district has a transportation complex of 5 buildings, a buildings and grounds complex of 4 buildings, a middle school leased to BOCES, 22 pump houses and storage sheds as well as vacant property on which once sat an elementary school. The district operates its own Transportation System, transporting over 4,000 students per day. Transportation is available for those students in Grades K-8 who live beyond 3/4 of a mile and 9-12 who live beyond 1.5 miles (2.4 km) from their respective school. The district implemented an all day Kindergarten program in 2011/12.

The school district administration is headed by Dr. Toni McDonald, the current Superintendent of Schools, appointed July 1, 2014 Her contract expires on June 30, 2017. Dr. Tonie McDonald is a life long Levittown resident who taught and rose through the ranks of the district she now leads.

The Board of Education President is Peggy Marenghi. She was elected to the Board of Education until June 30. 2016.

2010/ 11 Budget information:   2011/ 12 Budget information:  2012/13 Budget Information  2013/14 Budget Information   
  -Budget ..192,843,142    -       Budget ..197,907,475   -       Budget..189,996,581     -Budget..195,590,207

State Aid......................... 50,060,010 ----- State Aid.....................46,774,630* ----- State Aid...................47,901,938 --------State Aid.......................48,909,568

Tax Levy.........................120,905,806 ----- Tax Levy......................125,052,875 ----- Tax Levy..................127,366,353 ---------Tax Levy....................$131,161,870

Applied Fund balance......14,100,000 --- Applied Fund balance......12,700,000 -- Applied Fund Balance......6,342,641 ---Applied Fund Balance......inc data

Other Revenues.................7,778,000 ----- Other Revenues..............7,023,215 ------ Other Revenue...............8,198,060 ------Other Revenue..............inc data

                                           * not incl kindergarten conversion aid

BUDGET PASSED FOR 2011/12--- 2,967 to 2,414=== BUDGET PASSED FOR 2012/13--- 2,545 to 1,386===BUDGET PASSED FOR 2013/14--- 1,809 to 1,205=== BUDGET PASSED FOR 2014/15 1965- 906


Levittown School District, which dates back to the 19th century, was originally called the Jerusalem School District of the Town of Hempstead. The school district actually services areas of Levittown, Wantagh, Seaford, Plainedge and a small part of Hicksville. It has approximately 7,400 students in 2014/15 a small uptick from the previous year. The district also has one of the largest special education programs in the country and is widely purported to be one of the best in the Special Education Field. Its 2014/15 budget was approx. 199,000,000 USD, up approximately 1.5 million from 2013/14. The district operates 6 elementary schools, 2 middle schools and 2 high schools. In 1983, a third HS was closed due to falling enrollment. That building, Levittown Memorial now serves as a central office, The Gerald R. Claps Career and Technical Center and the Alternative HS as well. The district recently closed Laurel Lane, which until June 2009 was the site of the alternative Education High School. That building is now partially leased to the Elijah School for approximately 125,000 per year. The district also owns, and leases the buildings called Seaman's Neck, a former elementary School. The school district owns the historic little red schoolhouse on North Jerusalem road. Built in 1876, it was originally the only school building in Jerusalem District #5 in the 19th century. It has been updated according to historical guidelines and is currently leased as a day care facility. The district also owns property on Pintail Lane, a former elementary school built in 1958. It was closed due to low enrollment in 1976 and the building remained vacant until 1983 when the property was sold to developers. Neighborhood protests led to numerous delays after the building was razed. The property remains vacant today and is under the maintenance of the LUFSD.


The school district is run by a Superintendent and 3 Assistant Superintendents who are assigned to different educational areas. The following is an updated list of Levittown's current Administration:

  • Dr. Tonie McDonald ..... Superintendent commencing on 7/1/14 for a 3-year period. Her salary will be 225,000.00 per year.
  • Ms. Debbie Rifkin ..... Assistant Supt. for Instruction 2012/13 salary 210,179.00 plus benefits and a 3% (6,100.00) supplemental benefit. TOTAL 217,289.00 ( salary based upon 10% higher salary than the top ALSA union member )
  • Ms. Darlene Rhatigan.. Assistant Supt.for Administration/Personnel 2012/13 salary 210,179.00 plus benefits and a 3% (6,100.00)supplemental benefit. TOTAL 217,289.00 ( salary based upon 10% higher salary than the top ALSA union member )
  • Mr. William Pastore.. Assistant Superintendent for Business and Finance (appointed Oct 9, 2013, term began November 9, 2013) signed 3-year agreement at 180,000.00 per year

==Board of Education==

President--Peggy Marenghi--term expires 6/30/2016,-- 1564 votes in 2013 election-- OPPONENT ZIROGIANNIS-- 1132 VOTES

Vice President --Ed Powers--term expires 6/30/2015--1,788 votes in 2012 election--UNOPPOSED IN 2012

Secretary--Frank Ward--term expires 6/30/2017--1,580 votes in 2014 election,opponents--Adriene 1470, Porrazzo 1419 votes,-- 2,642 votes in 2011 election-- UNOPPOSED IN 2011 ELECTION

Trustee--Michael Pappas#--term expires 6/30/2017,--1,631 votes in 2014 election--TOP VOTE GETTER,--opponents--Adriene 1470, Porrazzo 1419 votes,-- 2,923 votes in 2011 election,--TOP VOTE GETTER--UNOPPOSED IN 2011

Trustee--Karen Quinones Smith--term expires 6/30/2017,--1,625 votes in 2014 election--1ST TERM,opponents-- Adriene 1470, Porrazzo 1419 votes

Trustee--James Moran***#---term expires 6/30/2016--1604 votes in 2013 election, TOP VOTE GETTER--OPPONENT ZIROGIANNIS---1132 VOTES

Trustee--Kevin Regan#--term expires 6/30/2014--2,027 votes in 2012 election, TOP VOTE GETTER

See symbol index below

                    (As of July 1, 2013)

Past BOE members:(20 years back)

Peter Porrazzo, 2014, Dan Bornstein# (2010), Gina Interdonato# (2009), James Ward# (2011), John Garvey (2009)*, Hector Santiago (2009)**, Diane Shapiro# (2008), Mike Moriarity***# (2008), Rosanne Gullens 2007), Ken Auer# (2007), Ronald M. Kinberg, George S. Bruno, Jr., Paul Granger# (2004), Patricia A. Parsekian (2001), Gary Fisch (1998), Mary Orth, Peggy Hannon, Janet Welch, Martha Martin

  • *-2008/09 was appointed to fill a vacancy for his third time on the board.
  • **-2008/09 was appointed to fill a vacancy for his only term on the board.
  • ***- Resigned 2008
  • ****- Resigned in 2008

* #- Past BOE President


Elementary schools (K-5)[edit]

  • Abbey Lane - Dr. George Maurer Principal Abbey Lane School Erected 1949 -
  • East Broadway - Jeanmarie Wink', Principal East Broadway School Erected 1952
  • Gardiners Avenue - Mrs. Susan Hendler, Principal Gardiners Ave School Erected 1949
  • Lee Road - Mr. Anthony Goss, Principal Lee Road School Erected 1957
  • Northside - Mr. Frank Mortillaro, Principal Northside School Erected 1951. School Erected 1951
  • Summit Lane - Mr. Keith Squilaciotti, Principal Summit Lane School Erected 1952 --

Closed Schools

  • Seaman Neck Elementary School- Leased- School Erected 1955- Closed ~1997- Still owned by L.U.F.S.D., now leased by a Nassau County (BOCES)as a special education facility for students ages 10–14.
  • Pintail Lane Primary School - Closed ~ School Erected 1958 closed 1976 due to declining enrollment. Property was sold to developer pending approval of substandard lot size housing. Did not pass by Zoning Board. Building was razed. Aerial photos of site still show footprint of former school building.
  • Cherrywood Elementary School- Closed- Prefab building constructed in 1958 to accommodate baby boomer population growth. Closed in mid-1970's due to declining population. Building was razed in late 70's and townhouses were built on property. Building was located on Stanford Court Wantagh.
  • Laurel Lane Primary School - Leased ~ School Erected 1956, converted to alternative HS. Closed in 2009 after Alternative High School was merged into Voc. Ed building. Laurel Lane re-opened in 2014 to a school for autism.
  • Little Red School House- Leased- The historic little red schoolhouse on North Jerusalem road. Built in 1876, it was originally the only school building in Jerusalem District #5 in the 19th century. It has been updated according to historical guidelines and is currently leased as a day care facility.

Middle schools (6-8)[edit]

  • Jonas E. Salk - Mr.John Zampaglione, Principal Jonas Salk School Erected 1957 as a High School
  • Wisdom Lane - John Avena, Principal Wisdom Lane School Erected 1954 as an Elementary school

High schools (9-12)[edit]

Alternative Schools[edit]

  • Levittown Memorial Education Center - The technical wing of the former High School was renamed the Gerald R. Claps Career and Technical Center Joan Lorelli Principal [1] School Erected 1953 as a High School
  • Laurel Lane Alternative Education High School - This building was closed on 6/30/2009. The alternative education Center was merged into the Levittown Memorial Education Center at a cost savings of approx. 550,000.00 USD per annum Laurel Lane was School Erected 1956 as an elementary school. It is currently partially leased to The Elijah School at a reported fee of 125,000 per year.

Other Programs[edit]

In School Literacy Centers- Each Elementary School will have an in school Literacy Center. Each student, in addition to general educational services and or remedial services will have an additional advanced reading period once a week for the entire school year.

After School Program commonly referred to as LAP. A self-sustaining after school child care program utilizing district elementary schools for district school children in grades K-6. Adult Education

Early Morning Program- The Levittown School District began an Early Morning Program for the 2011/12 year. There is one at each elementary school. It will cost 100.00 per month per child. It will be a user based program fully funded by tuition. transportation will NOT be provided to the schools for the program. The Levittown A. M. Program (LAMP) is designed to offer working parents a childcare facility on days school is in session. The program will serve children currently enrolled in grades K - 5, who reside in the Levittown School District. The program began on September 8, 2011 and operates from 7:10 am to 9:00 am when school is in session unless otherwise noted.

Middle School and High School Breakfast Program- Both Middle Schools and both High Schools have an early morning Breakfast program on days that School is in session for the full day. They begin at 7:15 am.

Levittown Adult Continuing Education Program commonly referred to as L.A.C.E. Serves Levittown and neighboring communities. Most courses are designed for adults eighteen and older. Free S.A.T preparation program for Levittown school district students.

Full Day Kindergarten The Levittown School District now has an all day Kindergarten Program which began in 2011/12.

Drivers Ed The school district runs a drivers Ed program that for 2011/12 was restructured to increase availability to the students, and at the same time reduce the cost from 550.00 per student to 470.00 per student.( current price as of 9/6/14)

Free S.A.T. Prep for HS seniors and those eligible to take the S.A.T.s.

Technology For 2012/13 all instructional classrooms will have Smart Board technology and both HS's will have WI FI.

Notable alumni[edit]

  • Congressman Steve Israel
  • Ballistic Bob, Long Island radio personality for stations such as WBLI, Party105.3, and WBEA.
  • Keelin Curnuck, Miss New York 1996, Ms Venus Swimwear 1994 & former co-host of the ESPN exercise program BodyShaping
  • James "Slim Jim" Fantom of the Stray Cats.
  • Dr. Sterling Morrison and Maureen "Mo" Tucker of the Velvet Underground
  • Ellie Greenwich, songwriter
  • Kate Murray- Current Town of Hempstead Presiding Supervisor
  • Dennis Dunne Current Nassau County Legislator
  • Dr. Tonie McDonald, Superintendent of the Levittown Union Free School District and the first female Superintendent in the history of the district

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