Levy (surname)

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Family name
Pronunciation /ˈli.vi/ or /ˈlɛ.vi/
Meaning joining
Language(s) of origin Hebrew
Related names Levi, Lévi, Lévy

Levy or Lévy is most commonly a surname of Hebrew origin. It is a transliteration of the Hebrew לוי meaning "joining". Another spelling of the surname is Levi or Lévi.

The surname may refer to a family of Levite descent.

Levy can also be a surname of Scottish origin. It is then a Highland’s shortening of the Irish Mac Duinnshléibhe (anglicized Donlevy). When eastern Ireland’s Ulidia (kingdom) fell to the English in 1177, many of its MacDonlevy (dynasty) royals, also, known as the MacNulty, sought asylum in the then still Celts Highlands of Scotland. Variant spellings of the Scottish surname Levy are Levey, Leevy and Leavy.[1][2]

People surnamed Levy/Lévy[edit]

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