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Lexcycle Stanza
Lexcycle Stanza Icon
A screenshot of Lexcycle Stanza in multi-column view
Developer(s) Lexcycle
Stable release 3.2 / November 10, 2011
Operating system iOS, Mac OS X, Windows
Type e-book reader
License Proprietary
Website Official website (30.06.2012 down)

Lexcycle Stanza is a freeware program for reading eBooks, digital newspapers, and other digital publications. The software supports the eBook formats EPUB, eReader, MS LIT, Amazon Kindle, Mobipocket, and PalmDoc, as well as general document formats HTML, PDF, MS Word, and Rich Text Format. The company Lexcycle is owned by Amazon.com (manufacturer/creator of the Amazon Kindle).

Stanza comes in several versions: Stanza iPhone/iPod/iPad, Stanza Desktop for Windows and Stanza Desktop for Mac.

Stanza iPhone/iPod allows users to manage a library of books on their Apple iPhone or iPod Touch and provides a customizable reading interface. It features an online catalog containing thousands of free classics, as well as the ability to synchronize with Stanza Desktop via Bonjour. Stanza iPhone has been one of the most popular book readers for the iPhone,[1][2] listed as Apple's favorite free app in their App Store Turns 1 list of favorite apps.[3]

Stanza Desktop features a variety of text layout views, such as multicolumn, vertical scrolling, and horizontal scrolling. Significantly, Stanza also supports exporting to a wide array of formats for use on mobile devices using 3rd party readers such as Mobipocket or the Amazon Kindle.

No Adobe DRM support[edit]

In February 2009, a few months before being bought by Amazon.com, Lexcycle announced that Stanza would be able to read ePub and PDF files protected by Adobe DRM during the following quarter.[4] However, with no news about this support as of September 2009, the comments in the Lexcycle support forum became increasingly demanding. On September 18, Neelan Choksi, Lexcyle COO, stated that, "At this point in time, we are not supporting the Adobe DRM solution. This decision will be evaluated on a regular basis as we move forward.".[5] It is now unlikely that Stanza will ever support Adobe DRM.

Uncertain future[edit]

As of January 2011, there has been no activity from Lexcycle in their website nor support forums for over five months,[6] though many standing issues remain with the latest major version of Stanza, from complete libraries made unusable on updating to it,[7] to problems already fixed in the internal version of the program.[8]

On 10 November 2011, Stanza for iOS was updated to version 3.2, fixing iOS 5 incompatibility problems.[9] While the previous version of Stanza was incompatible with iOS 5, Stanza 3.2 is incompatible with earlier versions of iOS.[10] According to an email received by a member of the Facebook "Revive Stanza" group, Amazon will no longer be updating or supporting Stanza after version 3.2.[11]

As of 26 August 2013, Stanza has been removed from the Apple App Store and can no longer be downloaded.[12]


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