Oregon Route 207

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Oregon Route 207 marker

Oregon Route 207
Route information
Maintained by ODOT
Length: 152.30 mi (245.10 km)
Major junctions
South end: US 26 in Mitchell
  OR 19 in Service Creek
OR 19 near Spray
OR 206 in Ruggs
OR 74 / OR 206 in Heppner
OR 74 in Lexington
I-84 / US 30 near Hinkle
US 395 in Hermiston
North end: US 730 in Cold Springs Junction
Highway system
OR 206 OR 210

Oregon Route 207 is an Oregon state highway running from U.S. Route 26 in Mitchell to U.S. Route 730 near Cold Springs Junction. OR 207 is 152.30 miles (245.10 km) long and runs north–south.

Part of OR 207 is included in the Blue Mountain Scenic Byway.

Route description[edit]

OR 207 begins at an intersection with US 26 in Mitchell. The route continues northward to an intersection with Oregon Route 19 in Service Creek. The route then overlaps OR 19 and heads east through Spray. East of Spray, the concurrency with OR 19 ends and OR 207 continues north through the Umatilla National Forest and into Morrow County, passing through Hardman and Ruggs. At Ruggs, OR 207 overlaps Oregon Route 206, heading north to Heppner. The concurrency with OR 206 ends at Heppner and OR 207 overlaps Oregon Route 74 and heads north to Lexington. It continues past a turnoff to Echo through Sand Hollow and then crosses Interstate 84. It continues north to Hermiston, where it crosses U.S. Route 395. Then, it heads northeast and ends at U.S. 730 about 2 miles (3 km) west of Cold Springs Junction.

OR 207 consists of the following named highways (see Oregon highways and routes):

Major intersections[edit]

Highway Milepost City Intersection
Service Creek-Mitchell 24.32 Mitchell U.S. Route 26
Service Creek-Mitchell/ John Day 78.86 / 0.00 Service Creek OR 19 (Begin concurrency)
John Day / Heppner-Spray 40.96 / 95.58 Near Spray OR 19 (End concurrency)
Heppner-Spray / Wasco-Heppner 73.33 / 0.00 Ruggs OR 206 (Begin concurrency)
Wasco-Heppner / Heppner 45.89 / 84.12 Heppner OR 74 OR 206 (End concurrency) and OR 74 (Begin concurrency)
Heppner / Lexington-Echo 0.00 / 36.42=36.45 Lexington OR 74 (End concurrency)
Lexington-Echo / Hermiston 17.81 / 27.24 Near Echo Unrouted section of Lexington-Echo Highway
Hermiston 12.52 Hinkle Interstate 84 and U.S. Route 30
Hermiston 7.05 Hermiston U.S. Route 395
Hermiston 0.02 Cold Springs Junction U.S. Route 730

Mileposts reset several times along OR 207, and in some cases appear to reverse direction, because Oregon numbers mileposts by highways.

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