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USC UCLA Lexus Gaunlet.

The Lexus Gauntlet is a year-long all-sports competitions between two pairs of rival Pacific-12 Conference universities in California. The original Southern version, now known as the Crosstown Gauntlet,[1][2] was held between UCLA and USC; a Northern version between Stanford University and University of California, Berkeley was held only for three seasons.

Lexus provided official sponsorship from 2001 until the licensing contract ended in 2009. While Lexus no longer provides sponsorship of the competition, USC and UCLA continue to keep track of the competition scores.[2][3][4][5][6] The Cal-Stanford program ended after the 2006-07 season with Stanford winning all three seasons.

Points are awarded for each NCAA-sanctioned sport that the two schools compete face each other in. Four sports are worth 10 points each: football, men's and women's basketball, and women's volleyball. All other sports are worth 5 points. All regular season and postseason head-to-head competition in a single sport counts as a series, and all of the points for that sport are awarded to the winner of the series. Points are split in the event of a series tie. For sports without head-to-head competition, such as both men's and women's golf, all of the points for that sport are awarded based on which school finishes higher in the conference tournament. In sports with both head-to-head and multi-competitor events, such as swimming and track and field, only the head-to-head results are counted. For example, in 2011, a single football victory was worth 10 points; while all 5 head-to-head Men's water polo victories (3 regular season, 2 postseason) counted as a series worth 5 total points. In the event of a tie after all points have been settled, there are three tiebreakers. The first tiebreaker is regular season head-to-head wins. If a tie remains, next is postseason head-to-head wins. Finally, the third tiebreaker is whichever school won the most conference championships in head-to-head sports.[7]


The football portion of the Gauntlet, UCLA vs. USC

The Southern version covers Los Angeles rivals, the University of Southern California and the University of California, Los Angeles. It began with the 2001 fall season.

Winners by year[8][9][10]
Year Winner Score
Lexus Gauntlet
2001-2002 USC 55 - 55*
2002-2003 UCLA 55 - 55**
2003-2004 USC 57.5 - 52.5
2004-2005 UCLA 67.5 - 42.5^
2005-2006 USC 60 - 50
2006-2007 UCLA 72.5 - 37.5
2007-2008 USC 67.5 - 42.5
2008-2009 USC 65 - 45
Crosstown Gauntlet
2009-2010 USC 65 - 45
2010-2011 USC 72.5 - 37.5
2011-2012 USC 62.5 - 47.5
2012-2013 UCLA 65 - 50
2013-2014 USC 60 - 55
* USC won with the first tiebreaker: regular season head-to-head wins (16-15)
** UCLA won with the second tiebreaker: postseason head-to-head wins (4-0)
^ UCLA clinched the Gauntlet prior to the conclusion of the athletic season, and the resulting trophy inscription showed the score 70-40. Afterwards, USC won back 2.5 points with a victory over UCLA in the NCAA Women's Tennis Championship


The football portion of the Gauntlet, Cal vs. Stanford

The Northern version matched Bay Area rivals Stanford University and the University of California, Berkeley. It began with the 2004 fall season and ended after the 2007 spring season.

Winners by year[11][12][13]
Year Winner Score
2004-2005 Stanford 70 - 65
2005-2006 Stanford 77.5 - 57.5
2006-2007 Stanford 77.5 - 57.5

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