Lezíria do Tejo Subregion

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Map showing Lezíria do Tejo subregion.

Lezíria do Tejo is a Portuguese NUTS III subregion, part of NUTS II Alentejo Region.

Lezíria do Tejo belonging to Lisboa e Vale do Tejo Region for planning, but to Lisbon Region in the NUTS scheme, has its main urban center in the city of Santarém. The terrirory of Lezíria do Tejo and Médio Tejo almost coincides with the traditional Ribatejo Province.

Area: 4007 km². Population (2001): 240 832 inhabitants.


It is composed of eleven municipalities:

Coordinates: 39°13′57″N 8°40′38″W / 39.232451°N 8.677341°W / 39.232451; -8.677341