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This is a Chinese name; the family name is Li.
Li Chen
Chinese name (traditional)
Chinese name (simplified)
Pinyin lichen
[lì tʂʰə̌n] ( )
Origin China
Born (1978-11-24) November 24, 1978 (age 36)
Beijing, China
Occupation Actor and Singer
Label(s) Huayi Brothers

Li Chen,born on November 24, 1978,is a famous Chinese actor. He became familiar to the audience in 1997 as Jian Ning, a young, energetic and pure boy he played in 《十七岁不哭》. Impressing people deeply with his proper and vivid performances in 士兵突击, Aftershock (film) and 生死线, Li Chen has received wide recognition from audience and directors.


Year Title Role Awards
1998年 岁岁平安 Zhao Gen
2006 Assembly
Liu Golden Rooster Awards for Best Story
Hong Kong Film Award for Best Asia Film
Hundred Flowers Awards for Best Story
2007 Ultimate Rescue
Liu Wu Nominated – Emmy Awards for Best Actress
Shanghai International Film Festival for 电影频道最具潜力男新人奖
2009 Aftershock
Fang Da Asia Pacific Film Festival for Best Film
Golden Rooster Awards for Best Story
2010 Beginning of the Great Revival
Zhang Guotao 张国焘
Love on Lushan Mountain 2010
Ma Jiang
2011 Love is Not Blind
2013 Saving General Yang
Yang Yanhui 楊延輝
2014 Breakup Buddies
2015 The Empress of China
Li Mu TV drama
Let's Get Married
Running Man

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Work Experience[edit]

In 1997, Li, a 19-year-old freshman majoring in Acting, was chosen to be the main character JianNing in a TV series 十七岁不哭. His fresh, natural and excellent performance remained stamped on people's mind.[3] In 1998, Li acted the part of Mei Ying in 刑警本色. Since Mei was a secret spy of the police, he could not vent his unsatisfaction or anger on anybody easily. Under such circumstance, he gradually become minor depressed.The changes happened in his inner world contributed to the development of the whole plot. In 2004, 危情24小时,invested by Huayi Corporation, was created specially for Li. In the drama, Li played as an intelligent, capable and experienced anti-terrorism policeman. At last, the series was a big hit.[4] In 2009, Aftershock, as well as Fang Da, sticks in people’s mind forever. An audience questioned said that Fang Da, is the only one who touches his soul in this movie. Fang seems to be a common person around us, giving us encouragement by his great efforts. As a disabled man, he is quite optimistic and never look down himself or rely entirely on others. A healthy mind, plus an aggressive motivation, leads to a successful future. Chen Jianguo, director of Huayi company, said :”I have been always optimistic about Li Chen, and this time his outstanding performance convinced me again. Cooperating with so many famous actors in this film, Li doesn’t show his stress, instead he takes good advantage of this chance and learns and matures a lot in acting. He has formed his own features. ” Li’s motto is being a man before doing everything, and he sticks to this principle. Seeing from all his works, he has quite a great amount of cooperation with many directors. This proves that Li is charming and skillful enough to convince investors to let him take part in all these movies.


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