Li Jiajun

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Li Jiajun
Medal record
Short track speed skating
Event 1st 2nd 3rd
Olympic Games 0 2 3
World Championships 12 4 7
World Team Championships 2 1 2
Olympic Games
Silver 1998 Nagano 1000m
Silver 2002 Salt Lake City 1500m
Bronze 2006 Turin 1500m
Bronze 1998 Nagano 5000m relay
Bronze 2002 Salt Lake City 5000m relay
World Championships
Gold 2003 Warsaw 500 m
Gold 2003 Warsaw 1000 m
Gold 2001 Jeonju Overall
Gold 2001 Jeonju 500 m
Gold 2001 Jeonju 1000 m
Gold 2000 Sheffield 1000 m
Gold 2000 Sheffield 5000m relay
Gold 1999 Sofia Overall
Gold 1999 Sofia 500 m
Gold 1999 Sofia 3000 m
Gold 1999 Sofia 5000m relay
Gold 1996 The Hague 1000 m
Silver 2004 Gothenburg 1000 m
Silver 2004 Gothenburg 5000m relay
Silver 2003 Warsaw Overall
Silver 2000 Sheffield 3000 m
Bronze 2005 Beijing 1000 m
Bronze 2004 Gothenburg Overall
Bronze 2003 Warsaw 5000m relay
Bronze 2001 Jeonju 5000m relay
Bronze 2000 Sheffield Overall
Bronze 1999 Sofia 1500 m
Bronze 1998 Vienna 5000m relay
World Team Championships
Gold 2002 Milwaukee Team
Gold 1999 St. Louis Team
Silver 2001 Nobeyama Team
Bronze 2005 Budapest Team
Bronze 2003 Chuncheon Team
This is a Chinese name; the family name is Li.

Li Jiajun (simplified Chinese: 李佳军; traditional Chinese: 李佳軍; pinyin: Lǐ Jiajūn; born October 15, 1975 in Changchun, Jilin) is a Chinese short track speed skater who has won 5 Olympic medals - two silver and three bronze.[1] He has been a two-time Overall World Champion for 1999 and 2001.


In 1998 Winter Olympics, he led for much of the way during the final race of the 1000m, but was edged out at the finish-line by Korea's Kim Dong-Sung, to win a silver medal. He also won a bronze medal in 5000m relay.

He participated in the 2002 Winter Olympics at Salt Lake City, making the finals of the 1000 meter short course event but failed to win a medal after being disqualified following a collision with Apolo Ohno, which caused Ahn Hyun-Soo and Mathieu Turcotte to also fall and allowed Australian Steve Bradbury to claim the gold medal.[2]

During the opening ceremony of the 2007 Asian Winter Games, Li was given the honour to light the torch. As of August 18, 2006, he has officially retired from short track speedskating. According to Li, he will go to study in Canada later this year and continue his work as the assistant coach for the national team.[3]