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Liam Ferney (born 7 June 1979) is an Australian poet living in Brisbane.His first collection of poetry, Popular Mechanics (Interactive Press), was published in 2004.[1]

His second collection, Career' was published in 2011 by Vagabond Press. The volume collects poems Ferney wrote while working as an English teacher in South Korea in 2002.[2]

His most recent collection, Boom, was published by Grand Parade Poets in 2013.

His work has been translated into Mandarin and Korean and published extensively internationally.

After completing high school at Villanova College, he earned a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in English and Journalism at the University of Queensland in 2001 where he studied with Jaya Savige.

His influences include John Forbes, Frank O'Hara, John Ashbery, JH Prynne and Ted Neilsen.

In addition to writing poetry he has also written a number of reviews and articles on Pam Brown and Adam Aitken,John Ashbery, Ken Bolton and David Prater. He is former editor of online journal Cordite and an Associate Editor of papertiger. He currently lives in Brisbane and is completing his second collection. He is former political staffer with the Queensland State Government.[3]

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