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Liam Spencer
Scott Clifton Liam.png
The Bold and the Beautiful character
Portrayed by Scott Clifton
Duration 2010—
First appearance July 19, 2010
Introduced by Bradley Bell
Classification Present, regular
Occupation Businessman
Home Spencer Beach House
Los Angeles, California

William "Liam" Spencer III ( Cooper) is a fictional character from the CBS Daytime soap opera, The Bold and the Beautiful. Liam has been portrayed by Scott Clifton since the character's introduction on July 19, 2010.

Character background[edit]

Scott Clifton's job on The Bold and the Beautiful included withholding the secret of his character's paternity. Liam Cooper's introduction to viewers began with his quest to discover the true identity of his biological father, which potentially included several lead characters. Asked by the director if he wished to know the secret, or learn the truth when Liam does, Clifton agreed to hear the truth immediately. He withheld his knowledge from cast-mates and backstage crew for several months as the storyline played out.

At times, Clifton regretted that his character would not be the son of certain fathers. "Winsor [Harmon] played those scenes so subtly and sweetly, that even though I knew what was going to happen, I was watching Winsor thinking 'God, I wish I were his son.'" Yet, Clifton has praised the storyline and defended the choice of who ultimately became Liam's father, Bill Spencer, Jr., portrayed by Don Diamont. The fictional father/son duo have consistently clashed, which has led to greater storytelling potential.[1]

An early plot hole was revealed to Clifton by fans of the show. Early on, Liam learns of the Forrester family after arriving in Los Angeles. But later it was revealed that he believed one of the Forresters could be his father even before he moved.[1]

Of the character's unrevealed history, Clifton knows little. His interpretation of the character is that he is from the Midwest. He also believes that, while Liam's mother is dead, he has a living stepfather, who has yet to be introduced.[1]


After the death of his mother Kelly Hopkins, Liam Cooper leaves home and relocates to Los Angeles to find his biological father, whom he has never met; his only clue being that his father once worked at the prestigious fashion house, Forrester Creations. Meanwhile, Liam is given a job working as a computer technician at Spencer Publications. When Liam is assisting Steffy Forrester with some computer problems, he mistakenly records a phone conversation between Steffy and her father, Ridge revealing that Ridge's wife Brooke Logan slept with her daughter Hope's boyfriend. Justin Barber the right hand man of Bill Spencer, Jr. gets his hands on the recording and plays it for the whole world to hear. As Liam is scolded by the Forresters, they are shocked when Liam reveals he could be Ridge's son. Hope, takes pity on Liam and they form a bond much to the dismay of her boyfriend, Oliver Jones.

Bill then fires Liam from Spencer Publications when the Forresters decide to sue him and later comes across a picture Liam leaves in his office, of Liam's mother Kelly Hopkins, his former college flame. Katie, Bill's wife shows him evidence that Bill could be his father, despite Bill's disapproval. It is later learned that Thorne Forrester could also be Liam's father because he was also involved with Liam's mother. While they wait for DNA results, Liam and Thorne form a bond and Liam shows some resentment when he learns Bill is his father. Through Hope & Katie's encouragement, Liam and Bill would soon forge a close bond.

Hope soon dumps Oliver and begins dating Liam. She and Liam share a special connection, partly because she also grew up without knowing her own father. Oliver warns Liam that he won't give up Hope that easily. However, Liam and Hope's new relationship soon faces challenges when the gold-digging Amber Moore leads Liam to believe that they've slept together. Liam comes clean to Hope and she is able to forgive him. Meanwhile, Amber's mother Tawny bribes the lab technician to fix the paternity test results to make everyone believe Liam is the father of her unborn grandchild. Liam and Hope begin to drift apart which gives Oliver another chance with Hope. Despite Amber's many advances, Liam remains committed to Hope. On June 20, 2011, it is revealed that neither Liam nor the presumed father, Oliver are the baby's father. Liam and Hope are finally able to enjoy their relationship without interference from Amber.

In August 2011, Liam garners the attention of Steffy Forrester,after he saves her from drowning in her bath tub and they share a kiss. However, Liam doesn't reciprocate Steffy's feelings and proposes to Hope at a fashion launch party on August 22 leaving Steffy crushed. However Ridge is suspicious of Liam's intentions and asks him why he seems so eager to marry Hope. Ridge also lets Liam know that Steffy may have developed feelings for him. On the night when Liam and Hope have finally planned to make love, she suddenly changes her mind and decides to wait until they are actually married.

Steffy, who has developed feelings for Liam, makes it her mission to have him all to herself despite him and Hope being engaged. Steffy gets support from Bill, who doesn't like Hope himself despite her being Katie's niece. When Liam confides in Steffy his frustration over Hope deciding to wait until their wedding day to make love, The two begin to develop feelings for each other as Steffy was there for him through his relationship with Hope as a friend, Hope catches them in the act of kissing and breaks off the engagement. Liam then proposes to Steffy, who happily accepts by kissing him,then they make love. Liam, however, begins to wonder if he made the right decision when he purposed to Steffy, his father encourages him to go on a little getaway with Steffy in Aspen . On October 11, 2011 Liam and Steffy officially tie the knot. However, their marriage faces a problem as both Katie, Liam's stepmother, and Brooke both don't support the marriage and believe that Steffy had other reasons, to marry Liam. Brooke even suspects that Steffy teamed up with Bill to make the marriage happen. On November 4, 2011 Steffy confides in her mother Taylor about her knowing about Hope being in Aspen and not telling Liam about it. Even though Taylor is stunned to learn the shocking news, she still supports her daughter. When Steffy does tell Liam, he is angered by what she is telling him. In order to save their marriage, Steffy tells him that the only reason she didn't tell him about Hope being in Aspen was because she loves him and wanted to protect their marriage and them in general. Liam forgives Steffy and remains married to her.

However, while on vacation in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, Liam finds out that Hope is with Thomas at the same resort as he and Steffy. Liam becomes even more angry when he realizes that Steffy knew the whole time that Thomas and Hope were there and didn't tell him. Liam decides to go after Hope, who is riding with Thomas on an ATV. Liam gets on one of his own and chases them on the beach. When Hope sees him, she tells Thomas to stop, which he does. Liam then runs to Hope and kisses her. Hope is stunned to see Liam there, but Thomas is angry, reminding Liam that he is married to Steffy. Liam, however, doesn't care and has Hope climb onto the back of his ATV, and they go off with Thomas behind them. On the way back, however, they find Steffy knocked out, having been injured when she crashed her ATV while she was trying to get to Liam in order to prevent him from getting to Hope. At the hospital, Liam encourages Steffy to open her eyes.

Bill meanwhile manipulates the doctor and asks him to say that Steffy has a blood clot in her brain and any news or stress that may upset her will trigger the blood clot. Liam tells Hope they can't be together because of Steffy's blood clot. Hope, {feeling upset} says she understands. However, he and Hope reunite after he finds out from Katie about his father's plan to keep him with Steffy as well as the switched MRI results in Cabo. Despite Bill reminding him that Steffy is his wife, Liam has made up his mind and lets Steffy know that even though he knows that she had nothing to do with switching the MRI's with his father, their marriage is over. Steffy, however, vows not to give up on him and their marriage. Bill tries to talk to Liam and reminds him that he is married. Liam, however, is still angry at his father for what he has done and warns him to back off, letting Bill know that it may take a long time before he ever forgives him for what he did. Liam then has Steffy and Hope meet him at his place to let them know who he has decided to be with. Liam breaks Steffy's heart by choosing to be with Hope. After Steffy leaves, Liam goes outside where Hope is and shows her his left hand, which has no wedding ring on it.

However, when he presents Steffy with annulment papers to sign so that he can marry Hope, Steffy makes Liam feel guilty for doing so, reminding him that he may have made a mistake choosing Hope over her. February 13, 2012 Liam realizes that Steffy hasn't signed the annulment papers still, forcing Hope and Liam to wait 6 months before they are able to marry. However Hope wants to wait until they're married to make love. Liam has flashbacks of him and Steffy together. Even though he's committed to Hope, Steffy knows that Liam still loves her. Steffy invites Liam to her house. Liam initially declines Steffy's invitation but notifies him that she won't tell anyone including Hope, Liam leaves.

On March 19, 2012 Steffy arrives in Liam's office and tells him that she's going to Aspen for a little getaway from all he drama, Liam says he can't image not having her in his life she's like his best friend, after their conversation was over, Steffy tearfully whispers to Liam "Don't forget me" and give him a kiss goodbye and leaves. A few weeks later Hope and Liam were spotted kissing at a restaurant with Marcus and Dayzee, someone took a picture of them and posted it all over the internet for everyone to see calling her a hypocrite for sleeping with a married man (Liam). During that time Hope has been going to therapy and taking anxiety pills to relieve her stress Weeks later Liam is found in Steffy's office at Forrester Creations looking at him and Steffy's wedding photo from Aspen. Steffy has just returned from Aspen and told Liam she missed him and knows that he missed her too and they embrace.

After talking with Hope and the others, Liam notices something is wrong with Hope because she's acting strangely while talking to Liam sounding intoxicated. He asks her what's wrong with her, but she says she's fine.

On May 2, 2012 After arriving in Aspen with Hope and Steffy, Liam and Hope go on the mountain to ski until Hope goes too fast and collides into Steffy. After that Hope apologizes and continues skiing down the mountain even though Steffy is injured. Meanwhile Liam arrives down the mountain skiing looking for Hope until he sees a Steffy on the ground and he comes to her aid and tries to help her on her feet, but Steffy's knee was severely injured from the fall with Hope. As the paramedics arrive for Steffy, they ask Liam who he is and he shocks Steffy by answering that he is her husband. He stays with Steffy and goes with her to the hospital, wanting to make sure she is okay. Meanwhile, Hope goes back to the house and waits for Liam, not sure where he is.

After Liam hears that Steffy is okay, he goes home and confronts Hope about her collision with Steffy, letting her know that Steffy was hurt. HE is concerned about Hope and questions her drug use. Hope apologizes and tells Liam to go back to Steffy and stay with her while she is at the hospital. He agrees and goes back to the hospital. Steffy asks Liam to take her to her hotel, but he insists she stay at the Spencer cabin with him and Hope. She accepts. When He gets back, He sees that Hope has left to go back to Los Angeles. Liam takes Steffy to the back of the house where they sit outside recanting their rocky relationship. Steffy hands Liam the signed annulment papers, stunning him. They both sing Bob Hope's 'Thanks For The Memories.' Liam remembers the wonderful memories he shared with Steffy and ripped up the Annulment Papers causing Steffy to smile. He lifted Steffy to her feet and they shared a kiss. When they get back to LA, Liam confesses to Bill he ripped up the annulment papers. Bill pushes Liam to break up with Hope, but he resists. Hope lets Liam know she is moving out to refocus her life. Liam is upset but agrees. Hope also mentions that Brooke is planning a big wedding in Italy for them. Liam seems surprised. Later that night Bill, Katie, and Caroline come over for dinner. Bill pushes for Liam to call Steffy now that Hope has left. Liam tries to ignore Bill as Katie toasts to weddings. After everyone leaves, Liam is looking at pictures of both Steffy and Hope on his phone when there is a knock on the door. Steffy let Liam know she knows Hope moved out, about the wedding plans, and that she will not be the one to tell about the annulment papers. Liam invites her in the house, but she refuses unless she is coming home as his wife. They share a kiss and she leaves.

The next day, Liam is in his office when Hope arrives. She kisses him and she asks him if Steffy came over. Steffy is in the door and answers Hope, saying she did in fact visit Liam, but there was no seduction involved. Liam is stunned by the interaction between the two women, as they are as cordial as they can be. Steffy shows Liam and Hope that her knee was okay, and Liam is relieved for her. Hope apologizes again and offers to help Steffy if she can. The ladies leave. Later on Steffy finds out from Stephanie that Brooke overheard their private conversation about the annulment papers. Steffy immediately calls Liam to warn him about Brooke. He replies, "Maybe it's for the best." And hangs up, leaving Steffy wondering what he means. At that moment, Brooke knocks at the door and comes in asking Liam about the annulment papers. Liam finally flat out says he ripped them up because it was the best thing for him, and he didn't regret his marriage with Steffy. He stated that he wanted his marriage to end in divorce. He voices his concern to Brooke about what he wants in a family, and questions if Hope can handle "real stress". Brooke assures him that her daughter is strong and can handle the pressure. When Brooke asks him if he is committed to Hope, he hesitates, but ultimately says yes. He asks Brooke to not tell Hope that he ripped up the annulment papers because he knows that Hope is fragile right now and doesn't want to cause her to be hurt. Brooke agrees to keep the secret.

Despite Bill's objections and constant interference in their relationship as well as Steffy's, Liam and Hope finally marry in Italy on June 26, 2012. However, when they return from Italy, Liam and Hope learn that their wedding in Italy was not valid in the U.S. because they did not sign a marriage license. Having just learned that Liam had made out with Steffy on their wedding day, Hope refuses to have the wedding validated, insisting on a re-do wedding. However, on the day of the re-do wedding, Liam arrives drunk, on the back of Steffy's motorcycle, with dyed hair and a tattoo. Fed up with Liam's connection with Steffy, Hope calls off the wedding and ends their relationship. However after weeks of trying to discover himself and who he is, Steffy shows Liam that she's the right person for him. While in the garden with Steffy having fun, Liam and Steffy go to the cabin to dry off themselves from the sprinklers and joke around, talk about Liam letting go of Hope and turns to the future and their feelings for each other and Liam kisses Steffy passionately and the two express their love for each other and make love by the fireplace.

Soon, Katie Spencer runs away leaving her baby with Brooke and Bill, Liam and Steffy grow closer together then ever. In the episode of November, 15 Liam asks Steffy to come and live with him. "I cant spend another night without you". Later, Rick tells Hope his lie, Hope obviously runs to Liam saying "I never should have doubted you" and passionately kisses him. Nervously Liam tells Steffy about the kiss. New insecurities have grown with Steffy. Bill Spencer finds out. Agitated, Bill gets angry with Caroline for convincing Rick to tell Hope the truth. They argue and Caroline falls of the balcony and on to the tennis court. At the hospital Liam asks a nurse if he may use an icepack, and punches Rick in the face and throws the icepack at him. Hope finds out about Italy and tells Liam. Liam angrily goes to his father telling him that he cannot control his life. Liam takes his sword necklace off. Bill stabs himself with Liam's sword necklace, showing his love for Liam. Liam puts it back on.

Steffy tells him that she is leaving for Paris to see her father and will be gone for as long as she needs him. In that day Steffy's period is late so she buys herself a pregnancy test. Steffy finds out she's pregnant; excited, Steffy rushes to tell Liam the big news and catches him making out with Hope on the bed. She leaves without telling Liam about the baby. Later, Brooke sets Liam and Hope up in hopes of the couple renewing their vows to each other. When Steffy finds out, she rushes to Liam and tells him about the baby. Liam chooses Steffy over hope. Steffy gets into an accident while riding her motorcycle and has a miscarriage. She later learns that she will never be able to have children again. Then,Steffy leaves for Paris to live there and Liam is now attracted to Hope. Wyatt and Quinn come in and Wyatt is very fond over Hope. They go to Mexico together to get Hope For The Future Diamond. Now, Liam and Wyatt are fighting over Hope. Liam sends a very touching video to Hope, but accidentally sends it to Steffy. Then, Steffy asks, "Can you make one for me." Liam, not knowing what will happen, makes a touching video to Steffy also. Quinn snoops on Liam's iPad and finds the video and sends it to Hope. Now, Liam and Hope were on their way to Big Bear to plan their wedding. Liam steps out of the room for a minute and Hope sees the video. When Liam comes back Hope feels Liam still has feelings for Steffy. Then Hope leaves Big Bear, without Liam. Liam is very upset. Now Wyatt came to see Hope and they kiss. Hope takes off her engagement ring and makes it clear she is not committed to Liam. Hope finds out she is still in love with Liam, but also in love with Wyatt.


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