Liang, Belait

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Liang is a mukim in the Belait District of Brunei. It is located in the north of the Belait District facing the South China Sea, bordering Mukim Telisai (Tutong District) to the north-east, Mukim Bukit Sawat to the south-east, Mukim Labi to the south and Mukim Seria to the west.

Areas and divisions[edit]

Mukim Liang includes these following areas:

  • Kampong Sungai Liang/Gana
  • Kampong Gana
  • Kampong Andalau
  • Kampong Keluyoh
  • Kampong Perumpong
  • Kampong Padang
  • Kampong Liang Kecil
  • Kampong Lilas
  • Kampong Tunggulian
  • Kampong Sungai Bakong Utara (Lumut Satu)
  • Kampong Sungai Bakong Selatan (Lumut Satu)
  • Kampong Tanah Tersusun (Lumut Satu)
  • Kawasan LNG Lumut (Lumut Satu)
  • Kampong Sungai Kuru (Lumut Satu)
  • Kampong Sungai Kang (Lumut Satu)
  • Kampong Agis-Agis (Lumut Satu)
  • Kampong Lalit (Lumut Satu)
  • Kampong Kayu Ara
  • Kampong Sungai Tali
  • Kampong Sungai Taring
  • Kampong Sungai Bakong

Other locations[edit]

Other locations within the mukim include:

  • Pantai Lumut

Coordinates: 4°39′36″N 114°27′32″E / 4.66000°N 114.45889°E / 4.66000; 114.45889