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Liars Academy is a rock band from Baltimore, Maryland. They have released their material on Equal Vision Records and Goodwill Records.


Liars Academy was formed by ex-Cross My Heart guitarist/songwriter Ryan Shelkett and Strike Anywhere guitarist Matt Smith. The duo recruited drum veteran Evan Tanner (Cross My Heart Pee-Tanks, Hidden Hand) to play drums and began playing shows in 2001. Due to Smith's prior commitments to Strike Anywhere, and Liars Academy's busy tour schedule, Matt was unable to be a full-time member of the band. At this point Chris Camden (Former Cross My Heart bassist) was recruited to play bass on tour. Things came together on that tour and Camden became a full-time member of Liars Academy at this point. Matt Smith, in turn, moved to Lead Guitar and the four-piece line-up took shape for Liars Academy leading to the next phase in their development as a band. The band made two excellent records as this line-up, 2002's "Trading My Life" EP and 2004's "Demons" LP. Unfortunately, after time, Matt Smith wasn't able to juggle duties between Liars Academy and Strike Anywhere due to the rise in popularity of Strike Anywhere. At this point, Matt was forced to take a less active role in Liars Academy only participating in the writing and recording process within the band. Fred Fritz was brought in as Matt Smith's replacement at this point as Matt was no longer able to tour with the band. The next few years were quite tough for the band including a robbery and van accident. In addition, Liars Academy and Evan Tanner went their separate ways in the fall of 2004. Eric Fauver was brought in to replace Evan Tanner on drums. After a year of playing as this line-up, Liars Academy took their first hiatus as members pursued other avenues of creativity including Midnight Revival and Firebird Band.

Liars Academy made a brief resurgence in 2006 and appeared as a five-piece with the addition of Bryan Elliott (formerly of A Rocket Sent to You) on third guitar.

Liars Academy has been on indefinite hiatus since May 2007. Ryan Shelkett has formed a new band called Desert Boys. The band is scheduled to record their first album in 2008

Stolen equipment[edit]

While stopping at home in the middle of one of their many tours, their van was broken into and nearly all of their equipment was stolen. The van was parked in front of their house in the nice Roland Park, Baltimore neighborhood. Some of the stolen equipment included: Gibson Les Paul guitar, Gibson SG Guitar, two Marshall Guitar Heads, a complete drum set with cymbals, a Rhodes piano.


  • Ryan Shelkett- Vocals, Guitar
  • Chris Camden - Bass, Vocals
  • Fred Fritz - Guitar, Vocals
  • Eric Fauver - Drums

Former Members[edit]

  • Matt Smith - Guitar, Vocals
  • Evan Tanner - Drums
  • Bryan Elliott - Guitar, Vocals

Midnight Revival[edit]

A slightly modified version of Liars Academy reformed under the name Midnight Revival to play a few shows in 2006. The group consisted of Ryan Shelkett, Fred Fritz, Eric Fauver and Nick Barkley (ex-Fairweather, currently in Olympia) on bass. At the time, Chris Camden was playing bass in Firebird Band out of Chicago with Chris Broach of Braid. In late 2006, Camden rejoined the group, and it dropped the Midnight Revival tag and became Liars Academy once again.


In the fall of 2006 the band stated they were reforming to play at least one show at The Ottobar in Baltimore, MD. They recorded songs for a 7" E.P. released in May 2007 on Italian independent label Goodwill Records. The 7" came out in two versions of 122 (swirled green vinyl) and 417 copies (plain green vinyl) making it quite a collectors item.



  • Trading My Life - CD EP Equal Vision Records 2002
  • Run For Cover - 7" EP Goodwill Records 2007


  • No News is Good News - LP/CD Equal Vision Records 2001
  • Demons - CD Equal Vision Records 2004

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