Liberal Democratic Centre

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Liberal Democratic Centre
Centro Democrático Liberal
President Sean O´Curneen Cañas
Secretary-General Alfonso Reina
Founder Víctor Manuel Sarto Lorén
Slogan Abriendo caminos a personas
Founded 14 February 2006
Headquarters Madrid, Spain
Political position Centrist
Local government
62 / 68,286
Regional parliaments
0 / 1,218
Congress of Deputies
0 / 350
0 / 266
Politics of Spain
Political parties

The Liberal Democratic Centre (Spanish: Centro Democrático Liberal, CDL) is a liberal political party in Spain.

It was launched in February 2008 and since January 2008 it is led by Manuel Alonso, a former leading member of the Union of the Democratic Centre (UCD) and the Democratic and Social Centre (CDS). The party is closely linked with British Liberal Democrats[1] and plans to become soon a full member of the European Liberal Democrat and Reform Party.[2] It became an observer on 17 April 2009.[3]



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