Liberal Party Bangladesh

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Liberal Party Bangladesh
Founded August 1998
Ideology Liberalism
Political position Centre
Politics of Bangladesh
Political parties

The Liberal Party Bangladesh is a liberal political party in Bangladesh. It was established in August 1998 by a merger of various liberal, secular and centre-left political parties and trade unions.[1]

In addition to its main policy thinktank, the Institute of Liberal Democracy in Dhaka, it has various other affiliated organisations. However, the party has had only limited electoral success, with no elected officials at any level of government. 7 (Seven) candidates stood for the 2001 Bangladesh parliamentary election, but they gained only 0.1% votes and no seats in parliament.[2] The party had intended to field 14 candidates in the 2007 poll,[3] but the 2006–2008 Bangladeshi political crisis resulted in the election being suspended until at least December, 2008.

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