Liberian general election, 1955

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Liberian general election, 1955
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3 May 1955 → 1959

  William Tubman 1943.jpg Edwin Barclay portrait.jpg
Nominee William Tubman Edwin Barclay William O. Davies-Bright
Party True Whig RP Independent
Popular vote 244,873 1,182 16
Percentage 99.51% 0.48% 0.01%

Elected President

William Tubman

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General elections were held in Liberia in May 1955. For the first time since 1931 there was more than one candidate in the presidential election. However, William Tubman of the True Whig Party was easily re-elected, winning over 99.5% of the vote.[1]


Candidate Party Votes %
William Tubman True Whig Party 244,873 99.5
Edwin Barclay Reformation Party 1,182 0.5
William O. Davies-Bright Independent 16 0.0
Total 246,071 100
Source: Nohlen et al.


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