Libertarian Party of Michigan

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Libertarian Party of Michigan
Chairwoman Mary Buzuma
Vice Chairman Scotty Boman
Secretary Jim Fulner
Treasurer Kim Moore
Founded 1972
Headquarters Lansing, MI
Ideology Libertarianism
International affiliation ISIL

The Libertarian Party of Michigan was founded in Taylor, Michigan in 1972[1] and remains on the ballot[2][3][4] as Michigan’s third oldest active political party.[5] It is the Michigan affiliate of the Libertarian Party of the United States.[6]


Since its founding, the Libertarian Party of Michigan has fielded candidates for a variety of offices and has retained its position on the state ballot.[7] In the 2006 general election, the Libertarian Party of Michigan was the only political party in the state to support the successful Michigan Civil Rights Initiative.[8][8][9] The party's gubernatorial candidate, Greg Creswell,[10] and his running mate Scotty Boman[11] made it the centerpiece of their campaigns.[7] Several Libertarians have held public office in Michigan, most at the local level.[12][13] The party is a member of the Michigan Third Parties Coalition which advocates changes in Michigan's election laws.[14]

Libertarians in public office[edit]

Elected libertarians currently in public office[15][edit]

Former elected libertarians[edit]

Former elected Libertarians include:

  • Mayor Pro Tem [24] Erin Stahl[25] of St. Clair Shores,
  • Fred Collins, who served as Councilman for the City of Berkley, Michigan [26][27][28][29] from 1997 until he gave up his position to run for Mayor in 2005, and lost the election.[30]
  • Councilman Mark Byrne.[31] who is now active with Unifour Area Libertarian Party in North Carolina.
  • Park Commissioner Tom Bagwell of Ypsilanti Township was elected in 2008 on a partisan ballot,[23] but left office after moving from Ypsilanti Township.

Libertarians appointed to public office[edit]

  • Lloyd Sherman (died December 25, 2006) – Hazel Park Brownfield Authority, Hazel Park Facilities and Infrastructure Citizens Advisory Board, Hazel Park Fence Review Board, Hazel Park Zoning Board of Appeals, Hazel Park General Building Authority.[12][13]
  • Will Tyler White Vice-Chair Meridian Charter Township Economic Development Corporation (EDC)[13][32]
  • Donald Flatt – Commissioner, Portage Parks and Recreation Board.[13][33]
  • Steven Butler – Co-Chair, Grand Rapids Environmental Mandates Committee.[13]
  • James McAbee – Romeo Planning Commission[13]
  • Darrell Johnson – Berkley City Planning Commission[13]

Defender of Liberty Awards[edit]

Libertarian Party of Michigan 2007 Defender of Liberty Award Winners (Leslie Roszman, Michigan for Ron Paul; Scott Boman, LPM activist; and Republican Martin Howrylak, Troy City Council)[34]

"Defender of Liberty" Awards ("Libbies") have been presented by the Libertarian Party of Michigan at its annual LibertyFest Banquet to a maximum of four select individuals, Libertarian or otherwise, whom the LPM believes have made notable personal efforts in the defense of liberty. Winners must live and/or work in the state of Michigan. The Libertarian Party of Michigan lists three subcategories for the award:[35]

  • Spokesperson for Liberty – a member of the community whose patriotism and conviction have inspired contributions to the cause of Liberty
  • Promoter of Liberty – A Libertarian whose efforts have done the most to promote the LP and Libertarian principles
  • Producer of Liberty – a dedicated, behind-the-scenes Libertarian whose quiet labors over the years exemplifies the backbone of the LP.[35]

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