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Libertas Livorno is an Italian professional basketball team from the town of Livorno.

It was established in 1947. In 1991 it has merged with another team from Livorno, Pallacanestro Livorno (keeping the Libertas name). In 1994 the team has gone bankrupt and is currently playing in Serie C Dilettanti (fifth level of Italian basketball). Another team, Basket Livorno, represented Livorno in LegADue.

Libertas has reached the Italian championship finals in the 1988/89 season and participated in the Korać Cup in the 1984/85 and 1989/90 seasons. In the past, due to sponsorship deals, it has also been known as Fargas Livorno (1966-68), Peroni Livorno (1982-85), Cortan Livorno (1985-86), Boston Livorno (1986-87), Enichem Livorno (1987-89), Enimont Livorno (1989-90) and Baker Livorno (1991-94).[1] Libertas Livorno's best result in Serie A was 2nd place in the 1988/89 season. It has participated in the Korać Cup in the 1989/90 season. Pallacanestro Livorno,the second main basket team of Livorno, due to sponsorship, is also known as Magnadyne Livorno (1980-81), Rapident Livorno (1981-84), O.T.C. Livorno (1984-85), Allibert Livorno (1985-89), Garessio 2000 Livorno (1989-90) and Tombolini Livorno (1990-91).[2]

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