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For other uses, see Libertatea (disambiguation).
Type Daily newspaper
Format Tabloid
Owner(s) Ringier
Founded December 22, 1989
Ceased publication Informatia Bucurestiului
Headquarters Bucharest, Romania
Circulation 192,467 (2009)
Website Libertatea

Libertatea (The Liberty in Romanian) is a Romanian tabloid newspaper published in Bucharest. Libertatea was the first newspaper to appear after the Romanian Revolution. The first edition was published at midday on 22 December 1989, being the first newspaper to announce that the communist dictator, President Nicolae Ceausescu, had fled the capital in a helicopter. The former newspaper was named 'Informaţia Bucureştiului'. Sorin Rosca Stanescu was a journalist at the former newspaper and worked with Octavian Andronic, the founder of the new newspaper Libertatea. Libertatea was restyled as a tabloid newspaper in 1994 when it was bought by Ringier. Nowadays it features a bikini-clad girl as the "Page Five Girl". The newspaper is generally socially progressive in values and has a libertarian political viewpoint, in line with its title.

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