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Liberty Music Store Records or Liberty Music Shop Records produced records for jazz singer Lee Wiley.

Liberty Music Shops was a New York business that specialized in sophisticated music for sophisticated customers. At one time in the late 1930s, they had three shops in New York City. They imported a number of records from the UK, as copies of British HMV's and Decca's have been found with large Liberty Music Shop stickers covering the foreign logos.

In 1933, they started their own private recording label, using original masters recorded at Brunswick and later Decca Records studios. They specialized in specialized dance music (Enric Madriguera, Freddie Martin, Emile Petti and Ted Straeter); cabaret and Broadway personalities (Beatrice Lillie, Ramona, Mabel Mercer, Ethel Merman, Cy Walter, Ethel Waters, and Lee Wiley); and speciality acts like Casper Reardon and his Harp—as well as slightly off color humorous artists like Bruz Fletcher. About 200 records were produced between 1933 and 1942. After the war, the issued a few more and in the early 1950s, they produced a number of LP reissues of past glories.

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