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Libertyville District 70 is located in Libertyville, Illinois, about 35 miles north of Chicago in the suburbs.

The district includes four elementary schools and one middle school. The elementary schools run from kindergarten through fifth grade, while the middle school consists of sixth, seventh and eighth grades.

The district school year runs from mid- to late-August through early- to mid-June. District 70 is on the trimester system, uses parent-teacher conferences and also allows for student-led parent/teacher conferences.

The district superintendent is Dr. Guy Schumacher, who was hired by the Board of Education and began in the top slot on July 1, 2009. Before becoming superintendent, he was principal of Butterfield School, the largest elementary school in the district. In 2010, Dr. Schumacher was awarded the National-Louis University Distinguished Alumni Award for Educational Leadership. (see ref. below)

Students in the school district placed in the 93-95 percentage for meet or exceeds in the ISAT scores released for the 2009-10 school year. This is a high achieving school district with very involved parents. More than 80 percent of the teachers have master's degrees. (see ref. below, also see, school report card for more information.) All classes are taught by Highly Qualified Teachers. The district schools have always made AYP.

Adler Park, Butterfield, Copeland Manor, Highland Middle and Rockland schools were honored in 2011 and 2010 with the highest academic award given from the Illinois State Board of Education for providing students with a high quality education. Each of the five schools in Libertyville Elementary District 70 received the highest award, an “Academic Excellence Award.” In 2010, Academic Excellence Awards recognized 459 schools that have sustained very high academic performance over at least three years. In 2009, the District 70 schools were included with only 438 schools in the state to receive the award. In order to qualify for the award, those 438 schools showed they could sustain high student performance over at least three years. The award was given to schools where at least 90% of students met or exceeded state standards in 2007-2009 and 2008-2010. (Ref. Illinois State Board of Education website.)

Adler Park Elementary School[edit]

Adler has the smallest student population in the district, with 243 children attending for the 2010-11 school year. It also housed the District 70 gifted education program for fourth and fifth graders. The school opened in 1959, but closed in 1980 due to declining enrollment; it reopened in 1987, as a kindergarten through third grade building. Over time, the population grew and fourth and fifth grades were added. The school is located at 1740 N. Milwaukee Ave. The principal is Jon Bogie.

Butterfield Elementary School[edit]

Butterfield Elementary School
1441 W. Lake Street
Libertyville, Illinois, 60048
United States
School type public elementary school
Opened 1917
Status Open
School district Libertyville District 70
Superintendent Dr. Guy Schumacher[1]
Principal Candice Kehoe[2]
Faculty 63[2]
Grades k-5
Gender coed
Campus suburban
School colour(s)      Green
Mascot Buddy the Bulldog
Nickname Bulldogs
Team name Libertyville
Newspaper 'Butterfield Newsletters[3]
Yearbook 'HR Imaging Partners Inc.'

Of the four elementary schools, Butterfield is the largest with 579 students attending for the 2010-11 school year. It opened its doors in 1970, and has transitioned from an Open School architectural design that was popular at the time with kindergarten through eighth grade, to an elementary school with halls and walls and offering kindergarten through fifth grade. Butterfield School is located at 1441 W. Lake St. The principal is Candice Kehoe, the assistant principal is Andy Elbert. The Educational Resource Center, which houses the school district administrators, is located next door.

Copeland Manor Elementary School[edit]

Copeland has 403 students enrolled for the 2010-11 school year, making it the second largest elementary school. Built in 1957, Copeland Manor School is located at 801 South Seventh Avenue in Libertyville, Illinois. Based on 90% or more of Copeland's students meeting or exceeding state expectations on math and reading on the Illinois Standards Achievement Test (ISAT)., Copeland Manor School has been identified as an "Academic School of Excellence" since 2006. One hundred percent of the fourth and fifth grade student met or exceeded state expectations for 2009 math tests for ISAT.

Rockland Elementary School[edit]

Rockland's enrollment for the 2010-11 school year is 321 students, and the oldest school building in the district, built in 1927. The school is located at 160 W. Rockland Road, across the street from Highland Middle School on the NE corner of Rockland Rd. and Stewart Ave.

Highland Middle School[edit]

Highland is home to 961 students in the 2010-11 school year. It includes grades sixth through eight. The schools was originally constructed in 1949. Highland has been recognized as a National Blue Ribbon School of Excellence twice, in 2010 and 20 years earlier in 1990. Highland has been awarded the Academic Excellence Award since in 2008 in acknowledgement of more than 90% of students meeting or exceeding state standards in reading and math for three consecutive years. The school is located at 310 W. Rockland Road, across from Rockland School.

Highland Middle School
310 W. Rockland Road
Libertyville, Illinois, 60048
United States
School type public middle school
Motto If it's to be, it's up to me
Opened 1949
Status Open
School district Libertyville District 70
Superintendent Guy Schumacher[1]
Principal Jon Hallmark[4]
Faculty 99[5]
Grades 6-8
Gender coed
Campus suburban
School colour(s)      Gold
Athletics conference Lakeside Conference
Nickname Hornets
Team name Libertyville
Newspaper 'Highland Newsletters[6]
Yearbook 'Balfour'

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