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Original author(s) Carsten Munk
Developer(s) Mer, Jolla, Open webOS community, Canonical Ltd.
Initial release August 5, 2012; 2 years ago (2012-08-05)[1]
Development status Active
Written in C, C++
Operating system Linux
Type Compatibility layer
License Apache License 2[2]
Website github.com/libhybris

Hybris or libhybris is a compatibility layer for computers running Linux distributions based on the GNU C library, intended for using software written for Bionic-based Linux systems, which mainly includes Android libraries and device drivers.[3]


Hybris was initially written by a Mer developer Carsten Munk, who released it on GitHub on 5 August 2012[1] and publicly announced the project later that month.[3][4] Munk has since been hired by Jolla as their Chief Research Engineer.[5]

Hybris has also been picked up by the Open webOS community for WebOS Ports,[6][7] and by Canonical for Ubuntu Touch.[5][8]

In April 2013, Munk announced that Hybris has been extended to allow Wayland compositors to utilize graphic device drivers written for Android.[5][9][10] Weston supports libhybris since version 1.3, which was released on 11 October 2013.[11]


The main feature of Hybris is overriding of Bionic calls and their translation into glibc calls, thus allowing Bionic-based software to be used on glibc-based Linux distributions.[3]

In order to allow using Android graphic drivers to run on Wayland-based systems, Hybris can also translate Android’s EGL calls into Wayland EGL calls. This feature was initially developed by Collabora's Pekka Paalanen for his port of Wayland to Android.[5][12][13][14]

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