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A screenshot of the Second Life virtual world through an early stage open source rendering engine using libsecondlife

libopenmetaverse (formerly libsecondlife) is a software library that can be used in a third party application to communicate with the servers that control the virtual world of Second Life. It can be used both to query the state of the world and to send uploads and commands that will modify that state. For example, it can download the shape and appearance of a building or avatar, and it can upload new virtual objects that will appear in the world.

Currently, the library is in the beta stage of development.

SL Protocol Wiki[edit]

In May 2007 it was revealed that the Second Life protocol had been reverse-engineered.[1] A wiki was set up to further the effort. [2]

The Second Life Protocol Wiki had two tools anonymously donated to them: snowcrash and slice, which quickly furthered the effort. Snowcrash is a tool for decrypting the file comm.dat, which contains a description of the communication protocol. Slice is a tool for dumping the content of Second Life's cache files.


Main article: CopyBot

In November 2006, libopenmetaverse (renamed from "libsecondlife" due to trademark/licensing issues [3]) gained exposure in the popular media due to its use in CopyBot, a program which ignited public debate over unauthorized copying of virtual property in Second Life.


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