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LibreDWG one-line small-head.png
Developer(s) GNU Project
Development status Active
Written in C
Type library
License GNU General Public License v3

GNU LibreDWG is a software library programmed in C to manage DWG computer files, native proprietary format of computer-aided design software AutoCAD. It aims to be a free software replacement for the OpenDWG libraries. The project is managed by the Free Software Foundation (FSF).


The FSF noted in July 2010 as a high priority obtaining an alternative to OpenDWG library in order to access and manipulate data stored in the proprietary format DWG.[1] Currently, this is the most used file format in CAD, becoming a de facto standard, without other alternative extended, forcing many users to use this software in a dominant position on the part of the owner company Autodesk.

The intention of the FSF is to create an alternative to OpenDWG[2] can be used in free software projects, since the latter's license does not allow this type of project. LibreDWG is published under the version 3 of the GNU GPL, making it impossible for the LibreCAD and FreeCAD projects to use LibreDWG legally.[3]


GNU LibreDWG is based on the LibDWG library, originally written by Rodrigo Rodrigues da Silva and Felipe Correa da Silva Sanches.[4]


The project has stalled since 2011 for various reasons, including lack of volunteers, license issues and programmer motivation.[5] In September 2013, the original project on which LibreDWG is based, LibDWG, announced that it was reactivating, re-forking its code from LibreDWG.[6]


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