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LibreOffice Writer
LibreOffice 4.0 Writer Icon.svg
Libreoffice writer nice pic of ui.png
LibreOffice Writer 4.0 running on Linux
Developer(s) The Document Foundation
Stable release
"Fresh" version

4.3.5 (December 18, 2014; 11 days ago (2014-12-18)[1]) [±]

"Still" version
4.2.8 (December 12, 2014; 17 days ago (2014-12-12)[1]) [±]
Development status Active
Operating system Linux, FreeBSD, Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows
Type Word processor
License GNU LGPLv3[2]

LibreOffice Writer is the free and open-source word processor component of the LibreOffice software package and is a fork of Writer. Writer is a word processor similar to Microsoft Word and Corel's WordPerfect, with some identical features.

LibreOffice Writer is released under the GNU Lesser General Public License v3.[3]

As with the entire LibreOffice suite, Writer can be used across a variety of platforms, including Linux, FreeBSD, Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows.


Writer is capable of opening and saving documents in a number of formats, including the Open Document Format 1.2 Extended (its default format), Microsoft Word's DOC, DOCX, RTF and XHTML.[4]

Writer provides a number of features, such as the inclusion of a word completion mechanism for predictive writing and the ability to export to PDF format.[4]

Features include:[5]

  • Templates and styles
  • A spelling and grammar checker (Hunspell) [5][6]
  • Word and character count [7]
  • Support for autofilter per sheet: It is now possible to set autofilter per sheet without manually creating named database ranges prior to setting autofilter[8]
  • Page-layout methods, including frames, columns, and tables
  • Embedding or linking of graphics, spreadsheets, and other objects
  • Built-in drawing tools
  • Java text rendering replaced by native text rendering which greatly improves readability[8][9]
  • The preexisting Java dialogs have been replaced with simpler native dialog boxes.[10]
  • Support Color and line styles for the columns and footnote separator lines. This is improving the compatibility of LibreOffice with ODF[8]
  • Master documents—to group a collection of documents into a single document
  • Change tracking during revisions
  • The ability to import and edit PDF files.[11]
  • Significantly improved file compatibility when dealing with Microsoft Word as compared to OpenOffice[10]
  • Database integration, including a bibliography database
  • Export to PDF, including bookmarks
  • MailMerge[12]
  • Equation editor (LibreOffice Math)[13]
  • Scriptable and Remote Controllable via the UNO API
  • Indexing
  • AutoCorrect
  • AutoComplete
  • Selection of non-consecutive items in Add Mode[14]

Release history[edit]

Versions for LibreOffice Writer include the following:

Date Released Version Comments
25 January 2011 3.3
  • Import of MS Works documents now possible.
  • SVG import into Writer is now possible.
  • Many WordPerfect import improvements.[15]
3 June 2011 3.4
  • New gradient / drop-shadow to highlight writer pages, with configurable colors in the options.
  • Text rendering has been improved as text is now drawn via Cairo with the same subpixeling options as other Cairo-using apps.[16]
14 February 2012 3.5
  • Better UI for header/footer handling. Easily add header or footers.[17]
  • Faster built-in grammar checking.[17]
  • Custom Shapes import was greatly enhanced, many bugs were fixed and new presets implementation added.[17]
  • Import filter for Microsoft Visio documents.[17]
12 August 2012 3.6
  • Support for contextual spacing
  • Support for importing Smart Art
  • Word count (whole document and selection) in status bar
  • Shows Text Boundaries depending on the choice of display unprintable characters[7]
7 February 2013 4.0
  • Support for comments to text ranges in Writer
  • Import ink annotations from DOCX and RTF documents
  • Various DOCX improvements[18]
25 July 2013 4.1
  • Images embedded in writer can now be rotated easily in 90 degree increments
  • Embedding fonts in a Writer document
  • Writer textframes now support having a gradient as background [19]
30 January 2014 4.2
  • format one or more characters with a border
  • Writer can now create DOT files
  • DOCX Interoperability: Numerous significant improvements to interoperability with Microsoft Word's DOCX format [19]
30 July 2014 4.3
  • Character limitation raised from 65,535 to 2,147,483,647[citation needed]

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