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Libyan Youth Movement
Harket Shabab Libya
حركة شباب ليبيا
Harket Shabab Libya
حركة شباب ليبيا
Libyan Youth Movement.jpg
Founded 2 February 2011
Type Pressure group
Political group
Focus Democracy
Social justice
Free and fair election
Civil resistance
Area served  Libya
Method Social media
Slogan The Voice of Libyan Youth

Shabab Libya, also known as the Libyan Youth Movement (Arabic: حركة شباب ليبيا), or LYM for short, is a Libyan Facebook group started in January 2011 to spread awareness on planned protests (17 February) across the country. As the uprising began, the Libyan Youth Movement provided news, images and videos in real time across the world and acted as a unified voice for the Libyan people.

Members of the movement used Twitter as well as Facebook and YouTube to spread news from inside Libya throughout the revolution. As of July 2013, they have over 26,000 followers on Facebook.

The organisation had interviews with several major news outlets during the Libyan civil war.[1][2]