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İtalyan Lisesi, Liceo Italiano di Istanbul, Istituti Medi Italiani, I.M.I.
Imi logo.jpg
Type Private
Religious affiliation(s) None
Established 1861
Principal Massimo di Segni (Principal)
Zerrin Akınlı (Turkish Vice Principal)
Color(s) Blue, Gold
The front facade of the school building
A typical first day of school

The Liceo Scientifico Italiano I.M.I., popularly known as Liceo Italiano in Italian and İtalyan Lisesi in Turkish, is under legislation a private school which is situated in Istanbul, Turkey. Although considered a private school under Turkish law, the Liceo Italiano receives financial support and teachers from Italy.

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Coordinates: 41°01′48″N 28°58′43″E / 41.03000°N 28.97861°E / 41.03000; 28.97861