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Lichte porcelain
Type Company with limited liability
Founded 1822
Headquarters Lichte, Germany
Products Porcelain, Porcelain painting, Figurines
Website Lichte porcelain[dead link]
Main building of the manufactury in the street Sonneberger-Strasse

The Lichte porcelain (GmbH) (German: Lichte Porzellan (GmbH)) was founded 1822 in Lichte, Thuringian Highlands.


On the northern hillside of the Thuringian Highland, close to the Rennsteig, where the early settlements of the Thuringian porcelain manufacturing took its rise, Johann Heinrich Leder established in 1822 a new porcelain manufacturer, today’s Lichte porcelain (GmbH).

Early work[edit]

Although the newly established porcelain manufacturer was from the very beginning in close competition to the already 1764 founded local Wallendorf porcelain manufacture, Lichte porcelain quickly opened up a share of the porcelain market of its own. This became possible by the highest quality standards and aim high product management. This company internal so-called philosophy survived until today.

Traditions and development[edit]

Structure of the manufacture[edit]

Structure, owners, proprietors, and managing directors since 1822
Time Description Affiliation to Remarks
1822–1824 Lichte porcelain Ownership by Johann Heinrich Leder
1824–1830 Lichte porcelain Ownership by Wilhel & Heinrich Liebmann
1830–1840 Lichte porcelain Exclusive possession by W. Liebmann
1840–1846 Lichte porcelain Heubach brothers company Ownership by Christoph & Phillipp Heubach
1846–1848 Lichte porcelain Heubach brothers company Ownership by Anton Heubach (son of C. Heubach)
1848–1876 Lichte porcelain Heubach brothers company Ownership by A. & Louis Heubach (son of P. Heubach)
1876–1887 Lichte porcelain Heubach brothers company 1876 retire of A. Heubach; exclusive possession by L. Heubach

participation of its sons Hermann, Philipp & Ottokar (1886 deth of Hermann)

1887–1904 Lichte porcelain Heubach brothers company Ownership by P. & O. Heubach (1889 participation of Richard H.)
1904–1919 Lichte porcelain Gebrueder Heubach AG 1904 foundation of the Heubach brothers AG
managing directors: the previous holders

(1908 participation of Eduard H., son of Hermann)

1919–? Lichte porcelain Gebrueder Heubach AG Managing director: Eduard Heubach (son of H. Heubach)
- Lichte porcelain
1990–present Lichte porcelain (GmbH) Company with limited liability Managing director:
  • Mr. Peter

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This article incorporates information from the equivalent article on the German Wikipedia.
  • Wilhelm Stieda: Die Anfänge der Porzellanfabrikation auf dem Thüringerwalde Jena 1902, S. 71 ff
  • Commemorative publication to the 100th anniversary, Lichte, Dec. 1922, Heubach brothers AG

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