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Coordinates: 51°31′52″N 1°42′14″W / 51.531°N 1.704°W / 51.531; -1.704

Liddington is a village near Swindon in Wiltshire, England. The settlement lies south east of Swindon town, close to the M4 motorway, junction 15 which is approximately 1.5 kilometres away via the B4192 - known as Purley Road, where it passes through Liddington village.

The parish, as a whole, has been an area of settlement since the earliest times. The ancient Ridgeway traverses the parish just north of the village and the Iron Age hill-fort known as Liddington Castle overlooks the present-day village. Liddington is recorded in the late Saxon period, around 940 AD. The Domesday Book of 1086 refers to the settlement as Ledentone. Records indicate that Liddington was a fairly prosperous parish in the 14th century.[citation needed] Population of the parish was 454 in 1841. Though, it gradually declined thereafter.[citation needed] There were proposals to cut a new white horse locally for the millennium, but things were not progressed.

'Starfish' Decoy Control Bunker on Liddington Hill[edit]

This is the control bunker for a WWII 'Starfish' bombing decoy site. 'SF' - standing for 'Special Fire'. This would have been used to control fires, which would have acted as a decoy to enemy planes targeting the town of Swindon to the north.

The bunker consisted of two rooms off a central passage. That on the right housed generators. The control room was on the left, with a hatch in the concrete roof. At the end of the corridor, someone has drawn a large swastika and written the name of 'Hitler'.

There is also a new PGL adventure centre that opened in 2010.


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