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Old Lier Station

Lierbyen is the administrative center of Lier municipality in Buskerud county, Norway. Lierbyen is a part of a greater urban area which also encompasses the villages Lier, Reistad and Kjellstad. The urban area has a population of 4,233.[1][2]

Lierbyen was the birthplace of Hans Christian Heg, an immigrant to the United States of America. Heg served as a colonel and brigade commander in the Union Army in the American Civil War. Heg organized the 15th Wisconsin Volunteer Regiment at Madison, Wisconsin. More popularly known as the "Scandinavian Regiment", the majority of its members were immigrants from Norway, together with Danish, Swedish and Dutch immigrants.[3]


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Coordinates: 59°47′0″N 10°14′0″E / 59.78333°N 10.23333°E / 59.78333; 10.23333