Lies & Illusions

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Lies & Illusions
The Lies & Illusions.jpg
Directed by Tibor Takács
Produced by Boaz Davidson
Danny Dimbort
Avi Lerner
Written by Eric James
Starring Christian Slater
Christa Campbell
Robert Giardina
Al Madrigal
Cuba Gooding, Jr.
Music by Stephen Edwards
Cinematography Zoran Popovic
Edited by Jason A. Payne
Release dates
  • September 29, 2009 (2009-09-29)
Country United States
Language English

Lies & Illusions is a 2009 film directed by Tibor Takács starring Christian Slater and Cuba Gooding, Jr..


The film begins with self-help author Wes Wilson (Christian Slater) who has recently come out with his first best selling book. At the after-party, he meets up with an attractive woman named Samantha (Sarah Ann Schultz). They flirt, and he proposes publicly. He introduces her to his agent, who tries to talk Wes into writing a sequel. Wes dismisses the agent and takes Samantha to his car to leave the party early. They are attacked in the parking lot, and Samantha is knocked out and kidnapped.

Time passes slowly for Wes, who is haunted by his inability to save her. At a book signing, however, he meets Nicole (Christa Campbell), who says she is a reporter. He goes to her house for an interview, and they bond. A few more months pass and Wes and Nicole become a happy couple.

Suddenly a mysterious man named Isaac (Cuba Gooding, Jr.) who Wes had met before at the book signing, shows up and demands to know where some diamonds are. Wes runs away, and Isaac's main henchman Boone (Robert Giardina) and another give chase. Wes is kidnapped as a result along with Nicole and Isaac orders him to go to some bank and empty the contents of a safety deposit box which could be the diamonds themselves. Wes finds a briefcase and then he and Nicole are released. To Isaac's surprise, there is only a stuffed toy in the briefcase and he resumes his hunt for the diamonds.

Eventually, Wes gets back to his apartment, only to find Samantha there to hid shock and surprise. She apologizes and tells Wes she stole the diamonds from Isaac and that Isaac won't stop until they are dead and he has the diamonds but Wes is still heartbroken that she would betray him like that as he felt guilty for not being able to help her and believed that she was dead for so long. Samantha also tells him that Nicole wants the diamonds as well and tells him to meet her under a bridge. Just then, one of Isaac's henchmen shows up, and Samantha kills him after much effort. Wes is frightened, and leaves.

Isaac eventually kidnaps Wes and, using him as a lure, finds Samantha, who tells him where the diamonds are. Wes gets the diamonds, but decides to run away. Again, Isaac and his henchmen give chase, and a shootout ensues in which Boone is shot and likely killed. Isaac shoots Wes in the arm, and calmly takes the diamonds. Samantha escapes while Nicole helps Wes.

Isaac is shown admiring the diamonds on his jet, when Samantha comes out of the cockpit, showing that she has shot the pilot. She shoots Isaac twice, and jumps out of the jet. The plane crashes and Isaac dies as a result.

Later, Wes is talking to his agent, Martin Rivera (Al Madrigal) about writing another book on his adventures, hinting it will be labeled as fiction. He thinks he sees Samantha outside, only to find it is someone else. About ready to give up, Samantha suddenly appears and uses the same pick up line he teased her with at the party at the opening of the film and they happily reunite.

Boone, revealed to have survived the shootout, sits down next to Wes' agent and says he has a plan for a book about recipes for couples who are having marital troubles.


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