Lietuvos rytas Arena

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Lietuvos rytas Arena
Lietuvos rytas home courts: Lietuvos rytas Arena and Siemens Arena.
Location Vilnius, Lithuania
Owner BC Lietuvos Rytas
Capacity Basketball 2,500
Opened September 28, 2005
Expanded 2014
Construction cost 8 million LTL
Lietuvos rytas
BC Kibirkštis Vilnius

Lietuvos rytas Arena is a 2,500-seat basketball arena in Vilnius, Lithuania, built next to Siemens Arena.[1] Lietuvos rytas play the Lithuanian Basketball League's home matches in the arena.

More important or highly anticipated matches in the LKL, as well as all home fixtures in European competitions (such as the Euroleague or Eurocup), are played in the Siemens Arena. Women basketball team BC Kibirkštis Vilnius also plays in Lietuvos Rytas arena. Past tenants include now dissolved Lithuanian and European women's basketball powerhouse Teo and Lietuvos Rytas daughter club Perlas.

In 2014 capacity was expanded from 1,700 seats to 2,500 seats.[2]


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Coordinates: 54°43′01″N 25°16′55″E / 54.717°N 25.282°E / 54.717; 25.282