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This article is about the newspaper. For the basketball team sponsored by this newspaper, see BC Lietuvos Rytas.
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Lietuvos rytas (lit. Lithuanian Morning) is a Lithuanian daily newspaper.

History and profile[edit]

Lietuvos rytas was established in 1990.[1] Its circulation was 55.700 copies in 2011.[1] Lietuvos rytas is printed in Vilnius from Monday to Saturday.[1] It has a liberal political leaning.[1]

Additionally to the daily newspaper come the supplements "Vartai", "Rytai-Vakarai", "Sostinė", "Laikinoji Sostinė", "Gyvenimo Būdas", magazines "Stilius", "TV Antena" and "Stilius Plius".

Lietuvos Rytas daily is part of Lietuvos rytas media group.


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