Life, Sex & Death

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Life Sex & Death
Origin Chicago, United States
Genres Rock
Years active 1990–1996
Labels Reprise Records

Life Sex & Death was a hard rock band that achieved minor success in the early 1990s. Life Sex & Death played in clubs across the United States including Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia and many other major city locations.

They released one major label album in 1992 called The Silent Majority. Two of their songs appeared on the Beavis & Butthead TV Show, "Tank" and "School's For Fools". They were known for the antics of their lead singer Stanley (aka Chris Stann), who dressed in dirty clothes and wandered around the audience before gigs, mumbling incoherently. A popular rumor was that he was a homeless man who the band had recruited to sing.

The band had its origins from previous bands Bottoms UP and US Circus, featuring core members Chris Stann, Alex Kane, Brian Horak and Dave Andre. After various lineup changes which included Vince Serpico on Drums, Dennis Fridae and Mark Rack on Guitars and musical directions,Andre left and they added a new element to the sound with the addition of Billy Gar, who played 12 and 8 string basses. By 1991, they headed west to Hollywood/LA and did a gig at the Foundations Forum. A bidding war followed by major record companies and Warner Brothers won. They then retreated to the Cains Ballroom in Oklahoma and recorded The Silent Majority. They also filmed some promos and the band hit the road in support of this. The CD was released early 1992 and the band found itself both opening and headlining shows across the USA. In mid-1993, drummer Brian Horak decided to leave the band and was replaced temporarily by Todd Loomis. The band lasted with this lineup until 1994 when guitarist Alex Kane left and was replaced by Warren DiMartini and John 5 for very short periods before Tom Space took over on guitar. Around that time, bassist Billy Gar left the band and was replaced with two bass players, Robby Wilson and David Dawes. This lineup lasted until early 1995. They did manage to record a follow-up CD, which was supposed to be called Human Bomb, but only a small handful of songs have emerged. According to Alex Kane in a 2008 interview, the band has been offered big money to reunite but they have always turned it down. Recently conversations have started to surface regarding a 20th anniversary show.


  • The Silent Majority (1992)


  • Stanley (Chris Stann) - Vocals
  • Alex Kane - Guitar / Backing Vocals
  • Bill E Gar - Bass / Backing Vocals
  • Brian Michael Horak - Drums

Robby Wilson - lead bass David Dawes - bass

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