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Lifshitz College, Jerusalem

Lifshitz College of Education ("Michlelet Lifshitz" - מכללת ליפשיץ - המכללה האקדמית הדתית לחינוך) is a religious teacher training college in Jerusalem, Israel. The school credo is "integrating modernity and Jewish life."[1]

The college was founded in 1921 by Rabbi Eliezer Meir Lifshitz (אליעזר מאיר ליפשיץ)[2] with the support of Rabbi Abraham Isaac Kook. It was one of the first institutions of its kind in Jerusalem. It was originally called Beit Midrash Mizrachi for Teachers.

The college is approved by the Council for Higher Education in Israel and offers a range of programs, including fully accredited Bachelor of Education and Master of Education degrees. It conducts research on the methodology and philosophy of Jewish education; it also operates the "Lifshitz Center for Jewish Education in the Diaspora".[3]

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