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Lift Plus is an energy drink produced by The Coca-Cola Company based on the soft drink Lift. The drink holds a 20% value market share in New Zealand.

The brand, which was introduced in 2001 is a direct market competitor against the popular Australasian energy drink V which holds 58% value market share. The brand over the years has seen an extensive marketing campaign, especially on the hit New Zealand TV show "Pulp Sport" hosted by Bill and Ben. The slogan for Lift Plus was "Sharpen Up!" until mid-2011 when the new Lift Plus Extra Strength was launched and the slogan was changed to "wake up your buds" and "choose your level". The choose your level slogan refers to the fact that Lift Plus Extra Strength has 32 mg/100 mg of caffeine when the Original Lift Plus has 14 mg/100 mg.

Lift Plus

The taste of the drink has been described as tasting of citric fruits, orange and lemon, and is very sweet to the taste. The beverage is currently available in 250ml aluminium cans, 355ml glass bottles, 500ml plastic bottles and 440ml and 500ml aluminum cans.

Lift Plus Sugarfree

The taste is said to be the same as the regular drink, but with no sugar, it has less of an effect as normal Lift Plus. The Drink has a silver label, and is available in 250ml aluminium cans and 355ml glass bottles. This product was discontinued mid-2009.

Lift Plus Extra Strength

The taste of the Extra Strength has matured a lot from the Original and comes in 250ml aluminum cans and 355ml glass bottles.

The lift plus logo was changed mid-2005 from a green outline around the logo to a red one. This was also followed by an alteration in the size of the opening in the cans, where before mid-2005 the holes were larger, they have currently been reduced in size. The trademark colours of the drink is primarily a bright orange/yellow, the cans being this colour, with the bottles (both glass and plastic) being green, with the bright orange label. Also, some bottle caps have less groove around it and some bottle caps lack the logo on the top.

It was also voted most tastiest energy drink by New Zealanders.

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