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Lifted Music
Lifted music logo.svg
Founded 2006
Founder Chris Renegade
Genre Drum and bass
Country of origin England
Location Harpenden, England
Official website [1]

Lifted Music is a record label based in Harpenden, England that focuses on releasing Drum & Bass music amongst other dance genres. The label is primarily known for releasing forward thinking Avant Garde Drum & Bass from its roster of producers.[1] The label does not adhere to a strict release schedule like most independent record labels.


Lifted Music was started by Drum & Bass DJ Chris Renegade in 2006. The Label released The Prologue EP in early 2007, their first release; a compilation of tracks by Spor, Apex, Ewun & Evol Intent, the EP was hailed by fans. Manager Chris Renegade also promotes the label with podcasts featuring many of the artists on his label, and these helped to spread Lifted Music further among Drum & Bass fans.

After subsequent releases and live shows, Lifted Music gained approval by artists & DJs Andy C, Friction, Noisia, Pendulum, TeeBee & Calyx. In 2008, Lifted Music carried out further promoting by touring across Russia, North America, and Europe. 2008 also marked the start of the sister label Breed 12 Inches, which released a 12" by artists Inside Info and Katharsys. Breed 12 Inches was created to nurture lesser known artists.

Lifted Music Discography[edit]


Year No. Artist Title
2007 LFTD001 Various Artists The Prologue EP
LFTD002 Spor Supernova EP
2008 LFTD003 Various Artists From The Inside Out EP
LFTD004 Apex Wall Of Sound EP
LFTD005 Spor Clarets March / Stoppit
2009 LFTD006 Silver Spaceman / Some Other Funk
LFTD007 The Upbeats Binge Drinker / Screw Up
2010 LFTD008 Apex Entrapment / Gonzo
LFTD009 Spor Conquerors & Commoners EP
LFTDUB001 Knock You Down (Eskmo Remix) / Nowhere To Run (Excision & Datsik Remix)
2011 LFTDUB002 / LFTDUB003 Pacifica EP
LFTD010 Falinox Drift Out / Worlds Collide
LFTDUB004 Hellfire Machina Good Love EP
2012 LFTD011 Jade Lazertag EP
LFTDUB005 Meta The Alpha EP
LFTD012 Neonlight Byte Bites Bit EP
LFTD013 Spor Ziggurat / Push Me, Pull You
LFTD014 Various Artists From Roots To Wings EP
2013 LFTDUB006 Meta Beta EP
LFTD015 Memtrix Numbers / Limelight
LFTD016 Aeph Black Hoax / Hudson Hawk
LFTDUB007 Meta & Impact Theory Neo Eden EP
LFTD017 Neonlight Power Hour EP
2014 LFTD018 Aeph Enter The Vision EP
LFTD019 Memtrix Voodoo EP

Breed 12 Inches Discography[edit]


Year No. Artist Title
2008 BRD001 InsideInfo / Katharsys Skyhook / The Scraper
BRD002 Receptor / Billain Rhyno / Intrusion
2009 BRD003 Utopia / Kubrak Force Of Mind / Fast Forward
BRD004 Utopia Diamonds Shine / Scan Me
2010 BRD005 Davip & Encode Vamanos / High Technology
BRD006 Gemini Down / Electric Rain
BRD007 Telekinesis Déjà Vu / Lithium
2011 BRD008 Encode Magic Points / None
BRD009 Kubrak Ursa Major / Time Moves On
2012 BRD010 Aeph Highway Thirteen / Hoedown
BRD011 Memtrix Mind Control / Slipper
BRD012 Mefjus & M-Force Abandon / Struggle & Pain
2014 BRD013 Rusty K / Alex Centra Riot / Collide


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