Liga III

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Liga III
Country  Romania
Founded 1936
Number of teams 78 (6x13)
Levels on pyramid 3
Promotion to Liga II
Relegation to Liga IV
Domestic cup(s) Cupa României
Supercupa României
Current champions FCM Dorohoi
FC Voluntari
CS Balotești
FC Caransebeș
Șoimii Pâncota
Fortuna Poiana Câmpina
2013–14 Liga III

Liga III is the third level of the Romanian football league system. Its name was changed from Divizia C into Liga III before the start of the 2006-07 season.

Current format[edit]

Liga III has six parallel regional divisions, each with 16 teams.


The winner of each series promotes directly to the Liga II, in total 6 teams.


The bottom four teams from each division are relegated at the end of the season to the Liga IV. From the 13th placed teams, another three are relegated. To determine these teams, separate standings are computed, using only the games played against clubs ranked 1st through 12th.

Future changes[edit]

The 2014-15 season is scheduled to have 6 series of 12 teams each.[1]

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