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Lightbox may refer to:

  • Lightbox (or "Light box"), an artificial sunlight source used in light therapy
  • Lightbox, a "folder" or other data collective or container in a software application or on a website, intended for queueing photos and/or other images for eventual bulk presentation (as in a slide show), bulk purchase or other batch process
  • Lightbox (JavaScript), a particular JavaScript technique that displays images in a browser using modal dialogs
  • Lightbox, a multimedia player used for video advertising on the Wikia website.[1]
  •, a now-disbanded company that developed mobile applications
  • LightBox Interactive, a USA-based video game developer
  • The Lightbox, a museum in Woking, Surrey, England
  • TIFF Bell Lightbox, the headquarters for the Toronto International Film Festival in Toronto
  • TIME LightBox,[2] a blog by the photo department of Time Magazine
  • Lightbox, an album by Chris Letchford
  • Lightbox, a sign fixture that consists of an enclosed, illuminated chamber and a translucent panel with graphic artwork or photography, used for point of sale display advertising, wayfinding, or informational display
  • Lightbox (New Zealand), an online TV show streaming service
  • Lightbox, an appliance used to view and inspect slides, translucent graphic films, negatives and other graphic media