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Lighthouse Trails Publishing
Type Limited Liability Corporation
Industry Book Publishing
Founded Silverton, Oregon (2002)
Headquarters Eureka, Montana
Products Books, DVDs and other Christian media.

Lighthouse Trails Publishing is a Christian publishing company located in Eureka, Montana. Their titles range from biographies, documentary, and research to apologetics and children's novels; plus a wide range of other subjects. Authors include Roger Oakland, Kevin Reeves, Corrie ten Boom, John Foxe, Ray Yungen, and Anita Dittman. They were one of several publishers featured in Christian Writers' Market Guide 2011.[1]


Lighthouse Trails was founded in 2002 by David and Deborah Dombrowski from Silverton, Oregon. They decided to start the company as an apologetics outreach in hopes of exposing the dangers of the Emerging church and the Contemplative prayer movement.[2] In spring of 2010 the company saw some major changes. The company moved its headquarters to Eureka, Montana and launched a new division of Lighthouse Trails Publishing: "The Shepherd's Garden", and began creating Shepherd's Organic Bible Verse Tea in order to support their research.[3] They also began the Missions for Truth mission project,[4] working with a group of pastors in western Kenya. This led to partnering with Understand the Times, International's Bryce Homes for Widows and Orphans project and is supported by the Lighthouse Trails readers.

Lighthouse Trails Research Project[edit]

Lighthouse Trails Research Project is a branch of Lighthouse Trails Publishing, founded in 2004, which provides news, documentation, and research on various topics at no cost. In 2013, the Lighthouse Trails Research print journal was launched as a subscription-based publication sent out six times a year to subscribers.

People affected by the project[edit]

The Lighthouse Trails Research Project has affected many prominent leaders that are or are said to be promoting contemplative and/or emerging practices.

  • Pastor Rick Warren - Pastor Rick e-mailed Lighthouse Trails opposing the April 20, 2005 press release which stated he was promoting Ken Blanchard,[5] this e-mail was later made public by Rick Warren and then on the Lighthouse Trails website.
  • Focus on the Family - Responded to Lighthouse Trails' concern of Gary Thomas supporting the contemplative prayer movement.[6]
  • Moody Bible Institute - Made a public response to Lighthouse Trails in regard of contemplative and emergent ideology at Moody.[7]
  • Biola University - Contacted Lighthouse Trails under accusation of libel.[8]

The group has also received notice in the Washington Post[9] and Publishers Weekly[10] for being in opposition to the emerging church and contemplative prayer movement.

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