Lighthouse in Krynica Morska

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Lighthouse in Krynica Morska
Latarnia Krynica Morska w.jpg
Location Krynica Morska, Poland
Coordinates 54°22′57″N 19°26′40″E / 54.38250°N 19.44444°E / 54.38250; 19.44444
Year first lit 1895

This lighthouse is located in Krynica Morska, Pomeranian Voivodship, Poland.


The original lighthouse, built in 1895, was destroyed in 1945 after being mined by retreating German forces. A new lighthouse, now open to visitors, was built in 1951. Adjacent to it is a small cemetery with a monument to the Soviet soldiers killed in the explosion that destroyed the original building .[1]


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