Lightyears (Shin Terai album)

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Studio album by Shin.e
Released June 12, 2007
Genre Electronic, Rock
Length 64:47
Label ION
Producer Bill Laswell
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Heaven & Hell
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Lightyears is the third album by Japanese musician Shin Terai, released in 2007. For this album the band once again changed their name. (The name of the group on this album is STILL Shine. The name of the ALBUM is Lightyears, not the band. It's "Shin Terai" on Unison and "Shine" on Heaven & Hell.) The album features contributions by regular members Buckethead (guitar), Bernie Worrell (keyboard), and bassist and producer Bill Laswell, who included his wife, Ethiopian singer Gigi, and their son Aman Laswell on vocals.

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Length
1. "Grid"   7:41
2. "Transparent"   6:39
3. "Solitude"   6:40
4. "Interwoven"   6:20
5. "Vector"   6:22
6. "Vertical"   6:18
7. "Accelerate"   7:07
8. "Impact"   5:55
9. "Between"   5:08
10. "Erratum"   6:37



Review of the album

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