Lika-Senj County

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Lika-Senj County
Ličko-senjska županija
Coat of arms of Lika-Senj County
Coat of arms
Lika-Senj County (light orange) within Croatia (light yellow)
Lika-Senj County (light orange)
within Croatia (light yellow)
County seat Gospić
 • Župan Milan Jurković (HDZ)
 • Total 5,352 km2 (2,066 sq mi)
Population (2011)[1]
 • Total 50,927
 • Density 9.5/km2 (25/sq mi)
Area code 053
ISO 3166 code HR-09

Lika-Senj County (Croatian: Ličko-senjska županija) is a county in Croatia that includes most of the Lika region and some northern coastline of the Adriatic near the town of Senj, including the northern part of the Pag island. Its center is Gospić.

The county is the least populated and among the least prosperous ones, but on the other hand it is the largest county in the country by area and also includes the Plitvice Lakes National Park and Sjeverni (North) Velebit National Park, country's major tourist attractions.


The county has a total area of 5352 km².

Adjacent counties[edit]


Since the beginning of 20th century this county has been losing its population. As of the census of 2001, there were 53,677 people and 19,900 households residing in the county. The population density is 7/km².

Croats form the majority with 86.15% of the population, followed by Serbs at 11.54%.[2]

Demographics of Lika Senj County

In the county the population is spread out with 20.8% under the age of 19, 48.3% from 19 to 60, and 30.9% over 60.

Administrative division[edit]

Lika-Senj County is divided:

County government[edit]

Current leadership:

The county assembly is composed of 45 representatives, presided by Petar Krmpotić (HDZ) and composed as follows:

Based on election results in 2005.


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